What Is 1/4 Handicap? How To Play 1/4 Handicap in Football Betting ?

What Is 1/4 Handicap?

The 1/4 handicap is one of the most popular odds in the form of online football betting. Handicap 1/4 appear in most of the online casino in Singapore and Asia, Gogbetsg is no exception.

In the handicap 1/4 is upper team handicap the lower team for straight 0,25 goal. The player accepts the bet on the team above and if that team wins, the player wins. If there is a tie, half of the stake will be lost, in case of loss, the whole bet will be lost. As for the underdogs, there is a reverse calculation

1/4 Handicap

If you bet on the handicap team and the result is Tie, you will lose ̀50% of your stake
If the handicap team wins, you will win 100% of your stake
If the handicap team lose, you will lose 100% of your stake

For those new to betting on 1/4 matchmaking, it will be a bit confusing. Below is a specific example of the handicap 1/4 bet for players to understand.

Ex: 1/4 Handicap

Ecuador vs Japan in the Copa America 2019 tournament on June 25, 2019. Based on what Gogbetsg offers, players have the following options:

The Ecuadorian team is in the upper bracket and accepts Japan as 1/4. The upper will eat 1.95, the lower will eat 1.97. The following scenarios will occur:

  • If player bets on Ecuador the final result is:
  • If the score is a tie (0-0, 1-1, 2-2…), the player will lose half the money. If you bet $ 100, you will lose $ 50.
  • If Ecuador loses, the player loses all money. That means betting $ 100, the player loses $ 100.
  • If Ecuador wins, the player wins with enough money. That means betting $ 100 will win $ 95 (5% commission on the casino).
  • If you bet on Japan then count the opposite.

In addition to the 1/4 handicap, there are many other bets that appear in football betting such as 3/4 handicap, Over / under What a player needs to equip is a way to choose an effective football match to make it easier to win.


The newcomers of football betting often do not know the rules of the game. In order for the game to be played more smoothly, Gogbetsg provides players with the necessary information about the as well as a specific example of this type of market. Also during the betting process, if players need more information about the markets, please click on the search box. All information and knowledge of betting supported by Gogbetsg will appear. Gogbetsg wishes you a great experience here!