It’s clearly that Turkmenistan are weaker than Oman. It would be a surprise if Oman couldn’t beat Turkmenistan in this match.


Asian Handicap: 2.22*1.5*1.7

In the first match, Turkmenistan lost 3-2 to Japan. They have done a great job, not many teams in Asia can score two goals against such a big teams like Japan. But after that they had a disappointing performance, they lost 0-4 to Turkmenistan in the second match, they may leave the tournament soon as they have not a single point now.

In the third match again, they have to face to a better team. This match will be difficult for Turkmenistan. Oman are stronger and they are seeking for a ticket to the next stage so they are eager to beat Turkmenistan to be one of best third-placed team.

Ahmet Atayew and his lads have  performed badly in this tournament. Being in a group with Japan and Uzbekistan was not easy for them. The team did not have many hopes to go to the Round of 16.

Oman also lost in the last two matches, however they had a great performance in front of two best teams Japan and Uzbekistan. They have a strict defense, which had been keeping troubles to their opponents in the last two matches.

They know they have a weaker opponent and they will take full advantage of it. The tight defense of Pim Verbeek’s teams will be the key factor of the game. throughout the match, the team will try to protect their goal and when the chance comes they will go in to score a goal.

Turkmenistan should go to the field to earn more experience and try to avoid a disappointing loss instead of attacking because they don’t trump Oman in every aspect.

Both Turkmenistan and Oman lost in the last two matches, but the way Oman lost to two stronger teams showed that they have a not bad defense. They could control the match to avoid losing.

They still have chance to go into the next stage. On the other hand, Oman have a poor defense which can collapse anytime. However, with just a strong defense is not enough for Oman.

They need to score as much as they can to compete with other third-placed teams. So in the coming match, they will take full advantage and attack anytime they have chance.

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Odds Over/Under: 2.12*2.5-3*1.72

In the last two matches, Turkmenistan lost at least 3 goals per match. It’s can predict that this match they will concede twice.

When they don’t have motivation and spirit anymore, there’s probably a third loss will happen. In contrast Oman are having a high spirit so they will focus on attacking. The match may be ended with a high scoreline.


First half odds bet: 1.86*1*1.9

Oman will take advantage of their defense first to make sure they will be safe. Although they need a win but they also need to avoid mistakes, competing with a weaker opponent they just need a few occasions to score.

Previous five matches:

Oman vs Japan 0-1

Uzbekistan vs Oman 2-1

Thailand vs Oman 2-0

Australia vs Oman 5-0

Oman vs India 0-0

Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan 0-4

Japan vs Turkmenistan 3-2

Afghanistan vs Turkmenistan 0-2

Bahrain vs Turkmenistan 4-0

Turkmenistan vs Taiwan 2-1

Prediction: Oman 3-1 Turkmenistan (Oman and Over)

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