Ajax vs Heerenveen – 25/01/2019 Football Betting Tips

Ajax clearly outperformed Heerenveen, but after the last encounter between the two teams a few days ago, the visitors could completely believe in continuing a miracle on the opponent’s field.

Ajax vs Heerenveen - 25/01/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap : 1.85*2.5*2.04:

In theory, Ajax is on a completely different level and deserves to be the winner even if two teams compete in any arena.

On the other side of the battle line, Heerenveen also has impressive strikes

Recently, Heerenveen excelled at Ajax’s 11-match win in Eredivisie, they are able to cope with all the most feared teams in the Netherlands at the moment.

Heerenveen ranked 9th on the chart. Recently, they are making significant progress. Abe Lenstra Stadium team won 2, drew 2, lost 1 in the last 5 matches. As can be seen, the finishing stage was partly improved by Heerenveen’s players.

Heerenveen can absolutely dream about the ability to create surprises, because their opponents have too many concerns at the moment. Ajax must compete with PSV for the Eredivisie championship. The home team is still fighting in the Champions League. It is understandable to consider giving up an arena less important than a national cup.

Moreover, Heerenveen’s determination to win is clearly bigger than his opponent’s, because they have no goals to strive to except the Cup. On the contrary, Ajax, the home team will have to consider implementing the formation and retaining the main role for the next rounds at Eredivisie when the opportunity to surpass PSV is still there.

The odds for this match on the Over door are too low. So there is no need to be too confused when choosing the lower door. Heerenveen may lose, but it will never be a shattered defeat.

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Ajax vs Heerenveen - 25/01/2019 Football Betting Tips2

Odds Over/Under : 1.85*4*2.02:

Maybe Ajax owns one of the best defense in the league. But with Heerenveen scoring 4 goals in the new team losing 8 goals since the start of the tournament, it shows a special ability only Heerenveen has. It is very difficult to get the second time to score 4 goals, but it is worth waiting for a goal to hit Ajax 2 goals.

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Ajax vs Heerenveen - 25/01/2019 Football Betting Tips3

First half odds bet : 1.76*1*2.08:

The goal may appear at any time, but it is not easy to overpower Ajax and take advantage of early in the first half. Heerenveen can be unexpected in the first 45 minutes.

Predicting Lineups:

Ajax: Onana, Tagliafico, Blind, Ligt, Mazraoui, Jong, Beek, Schone, Tadic, Dolberg, Ziyech.

Heerenveen: Hahn, Woudenberg, Pierie, Hoegh, Flonarus, Amersfoort, Vlap, Schaars, Zeneli, Lammers, Bergen.

Prediction Full Time : Ajax 2-2 Heerenveen (Heerenveen and Over)

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