Angry Bees – How To Play Angry Bees Slots At Mega888 Online Casino

There are many famous Online Casino in the Singapore and Malaysia betting markets, so it is difficult for players who love to gamble to choose a house that players feel safe. However, don’t let your players worry Mega888 is really the leading reputable online casino, trusted and used by many players. Besides the prestigious and high-quality betting tables. Mega888 always updates modern software to give players the most attractive experience. Mega888 has a lot of unique and attractive Slot games. Today we will introduce you to a fun, much loved game at our Casino. It’s Angry Bees. Watch how to play below!

How To Play Angry Bees Slots

What Is The Angry Bees ?

Angry Bees a slot game powered by GAMEPLAY INTERACTIVE. The game with many features and extremely attractive rewards attracts players. Set in a forest, lovely uncles move around the falling leaves, the sound is lively but fun. Let’s find out the features and how to play this slot game at Mega888.

Game overview

  • RTP: 97.02%
  • Variation:
  • Average volatility
  • Paylines: 250
  • Bet Levels: 18, 28, 38, 58, 88
  • Choose a line of USD 0.01 with a bet level of 88 coins based on 250 winning lines, the total bet for each spin will be USD 8,800.
Angry Bees - How To Play Angry Bees Slots At Mega888 Online Casino

How To Play Angry Bees

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols except Scater, mega and 88. This symbol only appears on reels 2,3,4,5,6.

Especially Wild will appear more when spinning free spins.

Scater Symbol

A special bonus when the specified number of Scater symbols appear on the reels, the player will receive the number of free spins corresponding to the ratio of scater – free spins as follows 10 – 10, 11 – 15, 12 – 20, 13 – 25, 14 – 30, 15 – 35, 16 – 40, 17 – 45, 18 – 50, 19 – 100, special 20 – 250 free spins.

Special Jackpots Bootsters

Special Bootsters symbols such as: MEGA, MAOR, MINOR, AND MINI among other reels. If activated, these symbols can appear on the 6th reel during the main spin and free spins. Once the re-spins have surfaced, these special Bootsters can appear on any reel. The total prize pool for all Bootsters symbols will be awarded at the end of all re-spins.

Round Back.

When there are 7 Honeycomb Bootsters 88 symbols on the 6th reel, it will trigger 3 re-spins. All the Bootsters symbols line up closely while the re-spins are happening. 

The higher the level bet, the bigger the bonus value of the Bootsters symbols. The re-spin feature can be triggered right from the main spin and free spins.

The re-spin will be re-triggered up to 3 when new Bootsters symbols appear. The total amount of the Bootsters symbol received is based on the multiplier of the bet line, the spin ends when all slots are filled or the number of spins is 0.

Basic Law

  • Payment will be calculated from left to right.
  • On each payline the payout is equal to the stake per line multiplied by the symbol’s payout ratio.
  • If the result of the spin has multiple winning lines, only the winning line with the highest score is paid out.
  • In case of problems, bets and spins will be void.


Hurry up to Mega888 Online Casino to find attractive bonuses. Angry Bees Slot is a fun, lovely game, with a high bonus value. We still have a lot of other categories for you. We believe you will be the next winner.