Baccarat Strategy Martingale


In Baccarat online, everything happens very randomly, the players can win several hundred thousand dollars and also lose similarly. Therefore, Baccarat has always been loved from real casino to online casino. When playing Baccarat you will see a strategy called Martingale, experts evaluate Martingale as an effective and sure method. Let’s learn about this strategy with GOGBETSG in Baccarat online!

What Is The Martingale Strategy?

Martingale Baccarat online strategy was born a long time ago, until now this tactic is still used by professional betters in casinos around the world. Martingale requires the players to bet twice the amount lost in the previous game. So if you keep losing, will you lose all your money? Stay calm and watch the analysis below. 

The Advantages 

Martingale offers several useful aspects for playing Baccarat online:

How to use Martingale? It is extremely easy and players do not need to calculate can understand this strategy. 

  • You will control your losses by setting maximum losses.
  • You can easily determine your expected winnings and stop playing when you reach your goal.
  • You will easily focus on the end goal and control everything at the most comprehensive level and rarely be dominated by a few individual games.

Thus, applying the Martingale strategy in online Baccarat you have many advantages, unless you have a really bad sequence. This strategy is very difficult to lose because no matter how many games you’ve lost before, just win 1 game and you have already converted your loss into profit.

The Disadvantages

  • The players will have to follow the compensation, the money is subject to huge fluctuations, because every bet loses, the bet doubles. Therefore, Martingale requires the players to have large capital in case of losing several consecutive games, they will run out of money.
  • Remember that sometimes some casinos will set the maximum bet amount for a game. Therefore, even if you have enough money, you cannot apply Martingale tactics. Therefore, you should find a casino that has a large stake to play if you want to bet big. The usual casinos only apply the bet from 1-100 usd for 1 bet.

How To Use The Martingale Strategy?

For Martingale strategy to be effective, the players must meet the following conditions:

Determine The Amount Of The Bet In The First Game

This amount should not exceed 1% of the total capital you have, which will ensure you have enough capital until the end of the game without running out of money halfway.

Example: You have 1,000 usd, you bet 10 usd in the first game is a positive start.

Determine The Maximum Amount Of Losses You Can Withstand

Unless you are a gambler you bet all the money you have. If this is not the case, then you must determine the maximum amount of your loss in order not to adversely affect your life.

Determine Your Desired Winnings

Martingale strategy requires players to know how much money they want to win a day. This allows you to stop when you reach your goal, then you still have the ability to control your emotions and stop at a winning game is the right thing. As at that time you made a big profit.

Examples of how to bet in Baccarat using the Martingale strategy

– Game 1: You put $ 10 in the Player’s door. If you lose.

– Game 2: You will bet $ 20, unfortunately you lose again.

– Game 3: You must bet $ 40. Suppose you lost again?

– Game 4: You need to place a total of $ 80. If you win, then you will receive $ 80 in winning money. So you have a profit of $ 10. Now if you want to play again, you have to bet from the beginning with $ 10.

Currently, the majority of low table bets in casinos limit bets from $ 1 – $ 100. You cannot bet more than $ 100 per game. So how is the Martingale Baccarat strategy applied in this case? Let’s follow below:

Starting with a $ 1 bet, with a table limited to $ 1 to $ 100, the bet string will look like this: $ 1 – $ 2 – $ 4 – $ 8 – $ 16 – $ 32 – $ 64 and the next bet will be $ 128 but you can only bet a maximum of $ 100. This is a series of 7 losing games in a row, and this happens quite often.

Note: Martingale is an ERROR STRATEGY

According to many analytical math experts, Martingale is an error tactic and it cannot bring victory to online Baccarat players. However, it can still be profitable if:

  • The player has an infinite amount of money.
  • Players must spend millions of hours to play this strategy. Conclusion Martingale is an error method that is drawn after millions of hours of actual play. Therefore, you must determine whether playing Baccarat online is for fun or to make money. From there, you have just decided whether to apply the Martingale tactic or not.

If you play for entertainment purposes, you will definitely benefit from using the Martingale strategy. It will give you a clear and profitable betting structure. Combined with setting maximum losses, you can make a profit by playing Baccarat online.

Good luck with Baccarat online and success with the strategy of Martingale in online gambling next time!