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basketball betting

What Is Basketball Betting?

Basketball betting is a type of sports betting based on the results of basketball. There will be two teams in a basketball game. Each match has 2 innings divided into 4 matches. That means each round is equal to 2 rounds. The time for each match is from 10 to 12 minutes.

Extra time takes place within 5 minutes In case of time out but the team is tied. If the two teams are tied again after extra time, they will continue to play one more extra period.

You can place bets in every round, every innings and bet on overtime.

Basketball Betting – A Favorite Sport

This is a sport that is loved by many people around the world. Especially in the United States and China, basketball is watched by many fans.

Equally with football, basketball often has many international tournaments taking place, the rewards for the winning team are extremely attractive. The most typical example of the basketball tournament is the NBA, which is held in the US with an extremely large number of people.

Because it is a sport with great attraction, second only to football. So basketball is also included in the list of online betting in Singapore by bookmakers. At the Wosbet bookie, any basketball tournament that takes place around the world offers odds. All players who love this game will have the opportunity to experience exciting betting moments.

Popular Odds Of Basketball Betting:

First of all to participate in basketball betting, you need to know about the basketball odds many other bookmakers currently use, including Wos bet. There are two main forms of basketball betting: Pre-match odds and in-game odds.

Usually before the game is in, players focus on the markets. So there are a wide variety of odds and odds. Mostly markets take place in the first half, in the first round or the whole game. For the remaining matches, the handicap will take place at the basketball match in the following matches.

  • For handicap markets:

Depending on the time the match takes place, there will be different odds. No matter what kind of contract, it must be through the management of the bookie. Before the match starts you must proceed with wagering to complete. You will know whether to lose or win as soon as the round is over. If you want to be sure of winning, you need to actively learn about the team that you bet on.

  • For over and under (O / U) markets:

The bookie will give any number. You proceed to wager how many points both teams will score in the match, either higher or lower than the number of points initially set by the bookie. You have three types of wagering, tie, over and under.

  • For final markets:

In this part, depending on each bookie, there will be many different types of rafters. So it’s so diverse, you can bet which player to score first, how many points that player scores in the match, or which team will win the championship this season, …

At first glance, basketball betting is very diverse in terms of odds and odds. In addition to the bets listed above, there are also parlays, faints, parities, … Along with that, the way to participate in basketball betting is relatively easy, the odds of winning are also high and there are also many bookmakers for you to bet.

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Some Notes When Participating In Online Basketball Betting:

If the two teams draw in the main period, there will be extra time. Scoring method after extra time ends: taking the result of two main periods plus extra time will result in the whole game.

If you have chosen to place a bet on each round or every round then it will not be counted towards the result as the whole match. To make it easier to understand, that is, when betting in the 2nd half or 4th round, overtime will not be counted.

Average time each team performs an attack and pitch is 24 seconds. If time ends without the ball being thrown into the basket, the game is suspended or the ball is passed to the opponent’s side. This feature is essential for those who are involved in handicaps and over bets.

In basketball, the playing time is controlled very carefully by the referee. A match may be discontinued if either team stops the ball and throws a free throw. Team members have the right to exchange information while the game is in progress.

WosbetBookie Live Basketball Betting:

Compared to many other bookmakers appearing on the market, the Wosbet bookmaker stands out in sports betting and is well invested.

The Wosbet bookie is rated by many players as a healthy and fair playground. The number of people participating in betting on basketball at Wosbet is not over. However, there is no question about the service and product quality. If you love basketball betting, come to Wosbet for a great experience.

Not just for basketball betting, any sports betting game at Wosbet is prized for its prestige. Especially in deposit and withdrawal transactions. The time to transfer bets and withdraw bonuses at Wosbet is really fast. Each player can withdraw bonuses up to $ 500.


The Wosbet bookie offers a bonus program for betting on sports, especially basketball, which is on a regular basis. You get more free bonuses that extend the betting fun. In terms of service quality or security and safety, you do not have to worry about betting at Wosbet. In Singapore, if you want to look for a casino to play basketball betting. GogbetSG is not a bad suggestion. GogbetSG is a Wosbet agent in Singapore. All sports GogbetSGyou both get the comfort of betting and have a big bonus.

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