Bier Haus Slots Online Betting Guide at Live22 Singapore

What Is Bier Haus Slots Online?

Bier Haus Slots is a betting product that combines the perfect combination of online video. This game has 5 gambling reels, 40 paylines. In German, the name Bier Haus Slots means “beer house” where there is a loud and noisy sound, it is also the feeling that the game brings anyone to bet.

Bier Haus Slots has top notch graphics, good sound, and surpasses many other Slots games at the moment. Since the offering of Bier Haus Slots, the number of participants online slots Singapore at Live22 has increased, more people have become in love with the game and bet large sums of money on Bier Haus Slots.

Bier Haus Slots Betting Experience At Live22:

  • Experience Germany with your own eyes

Players just need to participate in Bier Haus Slots game like going to experience a distant Germany with many new things. In the world, each country has many different partying rituals. For Germany it is beer. This is a tradition and also a forever etiquette to be engraved, assessing the German way of life.

Brick walls are the background for the Bier Haus Slots game. Betting rolls featuring symbols related to German culture such as the Bavarian Beer, the Beer Cellar, the Treaty, the German Castle, the Game Logo, the Beer mug, the Chestnut and the German waitresses beautiful blond hair. Symbolic icons have many different features. There are many lucky gold features, which help players trigger free spins.

  • Locked Wilds feature:

Bier Haus Slots has the appearance of many wild symbols, except for the service staff image. Gold color features are represented by a yellow, vibrant, and distinctively yellow key. On a purple background, the yellow feature appears after turning wild locked in Free Spins mode.

Locking wild icons doesn’t confuse other icons, leaving it in place on the scroll for each spin.

  • Earn up to 80 free spins:

Players need at least 5 symbols with the feature scattered anywhere on the reel to activate the free spins. Gold features will automatically appear if received 5 symbols.

Each scatter if added on 5 scatter heads then the player gets 5 extra spins. Players should remember that whatever gold feature is available, when the player activates the free spins they are turned into a wilderness. The gold feature is fully locked during free spins. 80 rounds is the number of rounds a player can trigger free spins.

  • Great for the average limited player:

The Live22 app allows players to bet as low as 0.01 and up to 1.00. Bier Haus Slots is truly the game that allows players to have the best live videos for low to medium bets.

The maximum bet value is 40.00 coins. Players who choose to bet on all the money lines means they have a better chance of winning. However, keep in mind that the cash flows are not fixed, so players need to adjust the number of paylines by a set of 4 to match their financial limit.

Live22 offers a program that the more players bet, the more suitable bonuses will be achieved. Along with that is the free spins. The best way for those who are financially leisurely activates all 40 cash flows to ensure the best possible rewards.

  • The bottom line: Successful threads, Entertainment slots:

Bier Haus Slots is successful among thousands of Slots games because it is easy to play, there are many features to choose from. The free spins are also attractive, letting the player know more about German culture.

However, this is also a game with a limited payoff table. This is to compensate players who have the advantage of locked wild games. If a player achieves free spins with high stakes then these spins are exclusive. Players can earn quite a substantial amount of payout from Bier Haus Slots. If you want, you can view the payout history of players on the Live22 betting app.


Live22 is proud to have contributed a part in players’ career in Bier Haus Slots games . This game has many transformations and players must be quick to grasp in order to bet. The betting application Live22 hopes that with great efforts can satisfy players and bet many other games here.

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