Bingo – How To Play Bingo Lottery At Online Bookmakers

In the past few years, Bingo Lottery began to spread to many countries in Europe. This game depends on high luck. If any player does not understand Bingo and wants to explore this game, please refer to Gogbetsg’s article below.

What Is Bingo Lottery?

Bingo is a Lottery game that is not as difficult as Lottery PK10, its rules are very simple. Players only need to put 5 numbers in a row vertically, either diagonally or horizontally to win.

To join Bingo players need a table with random numbers and called numbers. If the bookmaker draws a number and the number appears on the table then the player checks it. The player who marks all the numbers according to a specific picture on the table is the winner, then they call out loud “bingo” to the bookmakers.

Depending on each bookmaker, players will be given different tables. In the US, the Bingo format is popular with 75 balls, each table contains 25 random numbers. Table is printed as 5 columns and 5 rows.

For the UK Bingo variant, each table has 15 random numbers and is played with 90 balls, there will be 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 random numbers marked to form a specific pattern to win.

Rules Of Bingo Game

At the start of the game, each player will receive a large table. Tables contain squares with words, phrases or numbers, which can also be pictures. The content on the tables received by the player is the same, only with the difference in the order of the cells. Depending on the bookmakers, there will be arbitrary arrangements of numbers or symbols on the Bingo table.

Next Dealer will dial the gearbox and call the numbers. If a player’s table has a number that is read, they will place a checkmark on that number.

If the player has marked 5 adjacent numbers in vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows, it will count as 1 line. Which player wins if there are 5 lines.

Similarities And Differences Between Bingo And Keno

The same

In terms of how these two games are played are quite similar, there are numbers mentioned. And players win based on the numbers on the table.


  • Bingo: Players cannot choose their own number. Some Bookmakers allow players to change tables, but not to change the numbers on the table. And players are not adjusted either
  • Keno is more flexible than Bingo, if there are 20 numbers can choose and decide the series is suitable and bet as much as they want.


Both games are currently offered at Gogbetsg. As long as players like and have a need, they can bet at any time at Gogbetsg. Hopefully the above article helps players understand more about both Keno and Bingo. Gogbetsg offers many attractive rewards waiting for players to join.