Bologna vs Milan– 02h30 19/12/2018 – Free football prediction

Milan need a quick turnaround after the shock of being knocked out of the Europa League quickly to reach the top three in Serie A. The three points are sure to be their goal when they come on the pitch. Bologna

Bologna vs Milan– 02h30 19/12/2018 – Free football prediction

Asian Handicap : 0.96 * 0.5 * 0.94

Can AC Milan actually recover after being quickly excluded from Europa League? The Rossoneri will visit Bologna field next Tuesday night, which can help them save their face from the failure in Europa League.

They let loose of Olympiakos in the last round of the group stage, which leads them to leave Europa League shortly. This failure leave them only one big last target in this year, it is to finish La Liga in top teams of Champion League in next season. Howver, Lazio follows them very neatly with onlh 1 point, and 3 points will help them to keep the distance with Lazio as well as shorten it with Inter Milan (just right above them).

Meanwhile, Bologna is in the bottom of the group. Ex-attacker from AC Milan is having a not too good time with his new team, although saving them from Serie B. However, He has leaded the team to only 2 victories this season, which causes many difficulties for the team. Another lost in this match will put them into a tough position.

Milan may fail in Europe, but they are having a good position is Serie A. They are the leader of the group stage to atten the next Champion League. This becomes their only target in this season. They only lost 1 out of 7 matches in this season and it seems that Rossoneri is going in the right way. However, they can do even better by having a victory in the next game.

AC Milan is looking for a way to keep their net clean ever since March. They had to receive 1.2 goals in everage in this season, let the opponent score in 87% of the match. They had strong attackers, thanks to couch Gattuso, but he failed in training the offenders.

Milan goes to this game with 73% of matches having both team score in Serie A. AC Milan defeated Bologna 2-1 in their home field and away field in the nearest games.

The home team had score to 5/6 goals in the nearest games. However, the chance for Bologna to make miracle come true in this match is not high.

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Bologna vs Milan– 02h30 19/12/2018 – betting online

Over/Under : 0.86*2.5-3*1.02

The defenders from both teams are not highly regconized at the moment, therefore, the attackers will be the star of this game. They are sure to have many chances going to the other’s net and the possibility that the match will end with more than 3 goals is quite high.

Bologna vs Milan– 02h30 19/12/2018 – betting online2

First half prediction : 0.91*0.5*0.94

Bologna will try to get started carefully, however, in this first 15-20 minutes, AC Milan is sure to be the dominator and make their first score. AC Milan is the one we should trust in this bet.

Fullmatch Prediction : Bologna 1-2 Milan (Milan and Over)

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