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Bridge Cards – How To Play Bridge Cards Extremely Attractive For Players

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Bridge cards is a game that uses a highly antagonistic 52-card deck in the game table. Bridge cards is gradually gaining popularity and being welcomed by many online casinos in Singapore. Because the Bridge card is quite new, many players do not understand the rules, so will join you in finding out details about how to play Bridge card.

How To Play Bridge Cards

What Is Bridge Card?

Bridge card uses a 52-card deck to play, this game participates in the principle of “eating water”. The task of each team is to try to get the most number of moves to win. Bridge cards are played in groups, each player must have a good memory, sharp thinking and understand their teammates in order to combine well. So compared to other card games like Poker or Baccarat, Blackjack, the Bridge card is not as popular. 

Bridge Card Rules

When playing Bridge, each game will have 4 people, two people sitting opposite each other to form a pair. The 52-card card consists of 4 suits.

Each Bridge game consists of the following rounds: “Deal cards”, “Quotes”, “Play cards”, finally “Calculate the results” and record the minutes. In the second round, if no one is going to bid, the pact is not fixed, the hand will be over without playing cards. There is no point in the team records.

When the game has just started, players proceed to determine two pairs and seat positions. The player who draws the highest card will be allowed to choose a seating position. Next, the second person will sit across from the first person. The two will be a team playing and playing together until the end. A game is played clockwise, from left to right.

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Detailed Bridge Card Games

  • Deal the cards :

Cards will be shuffled and dealt to the person on the left first, continuing the round clockwise. Cards are dealt one at a time until each player has received 13 cards. Gogbetsg’s dealer deals cards according to a 4-position symbol N- E- S – W to the player.

Initially, players will turn the cards face-up in front of everyone to see. After the turn is over, the card will be face down. The next card is on top of the previous card and kept to them.

  • Quotes: 

A quote is only allowed by one party and the other side has no opinion. At this round, there will be the following options: “price meaning”, “cont’ra” and “Recont’ra”. There is another case called “a meaningless price”.

The mean prices will be divided into levels and grades. There are a total of 7 levels from 1 to 7 and ranks include dragonfly, diamonds, muscle, spade, and no owner. Thus there are 35 significant prices, 1 Cl is the lowest and the highest is 7NT.

Pricing process:

When the deal is finished, the player must check the cards before making a bid. For a quote it is necessary to use the “quote box”. This box will contain tags with their respective prices. The opponent who bids will choose the corresponding card and turn it over for other players to see.

  • Dealers are the first bidder, those who after bidding must choose a higher price either to stop or cont’ra / recont’ra.
  • In each game, bidding can help players get the best results. A successful bid can fix and create a pact, it can also break the opponent’s pact.

Playing cards:

Evaluate the card with the check that the treaty is suitable or not, after the bid will begin to play. The player to the left of the handler will hit the first tree and has the right to hit any tree; Then will lower your cards to the table.

Bridge cards apply the rules of the suit of the first card in each move and do not necessarily play the higher card, if all the cards are dealt.

After the Bridge hand is over, the card will be face down, the drunk card partially crushes the previous card. If the hand belongs to the player, it is rotated vertically, if not, then it must be turned horizontally.

After fighting, check the amount of “move card”  for each pair to determine if the treaty is successfully completed, how much is excess or missing and record the result in the record.

  • Record the results:

After the hand is over, both sides will record the winning “move card” to determine the winner or loss. If the two parties agree, the result shall be recorded in the minutes, otherwise the whole gambling process must be reviewed.

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As mentioned, Bridge cards are not as popular as Baccarat or Blackjack cards. However, that does not mean that the Bridge song is not attractive. This is evidenced by the growing number of Bridge card players at Gogbetsg. supports all players’ requirements when betting here, not just Bridge.