Brief Guide To Asian Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an Asian Casino game that was first introduced in Cambodia. Nowadays, this game has become really popular in live casino. The rule of Dragon Tiger is quiet similar to Baccarat, because in order to win, rather than winning the house, they just need to choose the right party to bet.


Basic Rules 

In Dragon Tiger, the house will deal 2 decks: Dragon and Tiger. Which hand has better hand will be the winner. The players just need to wager for Tiger, or Dragon, or draw.

Counting rules: The Ace is considered the smallest one, will be counted as 1, the cards from 2-10 will follow its numbers, Jack (J) is 11 points, Queen (Q) is 12 points and King (K) is 13 points. If the 2 hands have the same total point, the game will draw.

Winning Rate

Players can wager on Dragon, Tiger or Draw.

If you bet on Dragon/Tiger, winning rate is 1-1; and 1 pays 8 for 3 winning with Draw. However, according to a research, there is only 32,7% chances that raw will happen. So for beginners, you’d better live with Dragon or Tiger.

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Secret key to Dragon Tiger

Even if it seems to mainly depend on luck, players still can get to know some tactics to improve their chance of winning.

Betting skills

Dragon Tiger is considered to be one of the simplest online casino game with easy rules. However, if you are a newbie to it, you should start with smallest wagers, and gradually increase it to get more experiences for next time.

Tactics combination

There is some techniques can be applied in casinos. To Dragon Tiger, counting the left over cards to predict to next cards is one of the good tactics. That way, players can make wise decision to increase the winning chance. However, you should notice that the game usually takes place in 8 rounds and everything will be mixed up from the 4th.

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