How To Play Bull Bull At Online Casino Singapore

Bull Bull Card Game is present at most online casinos in Singapore and has received a lot of support from its players. So what is Bull Bull game and how charismatic is it? Follow the information below with online casino Gogbetsg!

What Is Bull Bull Card?

Bull Bull card is a game that uses 52 cards of cards like Baccarat or Blackjack. It also has another way to call it Cow Cow. In a Bull Bull Card Game hand, there are usually 4 players, including dealer and dealing with 3 players with. Each player will receive 5 cards. If a player owns the total score of the top 5 cards, that player wins. Unlike other card games, Bull Bull players not only compare cards against each other, but also cards against Dealer.

In addition, 5 cards dealt will not count for 1 turn, but divided into 2 left and right parts. Each piece is called a set, consisting of: the right set has 2 cards, the left set has 3 cards. If the 2-card set has a high score then the player has a high chance of winning. If the 3-card set is between 10-20-30 then the player can win the bet.

When playing Bull Bull Card Game players choose 3 Player door, Banker and Tie to bet. If you want to increase the number of bonuses quickly, players can choose the Bull Bull gate. However, to join that portal the player must own an amount equal to or 9 times the amount required by the casino.

Bull Bull Card Game Play Score Comparing

The numbers on the card are also the corresponding points. Also for the special cards will have the following points:

  •  Ace: 1 point
  • Cards J, Q, K: all count 10 points.

Bull: This means a total of 3 cards on the left side goes into groups of 10, 20 or 30 points.

No Bull: The total score is not even 10, 20, 30.

  • In the case of both casinos and Bull players, the scores of the two cards on the right must be compared.
  • If both have Bull and the number of points on the right card is equal, then it is necessary to compare the score of the highest card. If the same matches continue, the remaining cards must be compared. If they continue to be equal, then compare in order Spade> Hearts> Diamond> Clubs. 
  • If both hands are non-bull, compare each side’s highest card. If the points match, compare the remaining cards. And if necessary, continue to compare according to Spade> Hearts> Diamond> Clubs. 

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Payout Rates

Players can place in Equal: Then the payout will be 1: 0.95 if the player places the Player and wins, and 1: 1 if the Banker is placed and wins.

Player has the option of placing Double: The payout will also depend on the size of the hand on each side.

Note that when a player is placing a bet at Double door, 5 times the amount bet by the player is required to have in his account. If wagering 100 then there should be at least 500 in the account.

Experience Of Playing Bull Bull Card Game

  • Read the rules of the game carefully, know how to calculate points and understand the odds of winning and losing at Gogbetsg casino.
  • Win or lose in every bet you need to stay calm. Do not play psychologically because it quickly becomes empty.
  • Learn how to arrange the cards properly, arrange the cards based on the scoring method and the rules of the game so that you can get the best score.
  •  Choose the right opportunity to place a bet.

Conclusion offers a variety of exciting games for players to join. Not only that, the casino is also known for its high quality, good betting service. All products are published from well-known publishers. Even though you are a new player, you do not know the game well enough to participate. Because Gogbetsg provides complete information about each game, instructions on how to play, the rules of the game and betting experience.

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