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Owing to the fact that the other types of gambling games are not really different from BlackJack does not have many differences from the other. It continued to make their fans curious about the mysterious origin of how it came out in the gambling community. The history of BlackJack origin is still a challenge for historians. In the title of this week, we will bring you back to the moment when the game appeared the first time. Through this post, you will have a broad view of the origin of Blackjacks, especially people who desire to play this game. 

To start discussing the first existence, the history of BlackJack has made its supporters recall the mysterious source of its appearance. Once again, the curiosity of most Blackjack fans is challenged by the origin which has not been unveiled up to now. 

Nowadays, no one has been recorded to know the first existence of the game. Furthermore, the secret beginning is not everything, the development and improvement of Blackjack are also impressive. They helped Blackjack to remain to make the rank stand firmly. 

Besides the mystery origin, BlackJack has evolved and been improved to have a firm position nowadays in the gambling community. Continue our post to have a closer look at this kind of game.  

The Early Appearance of Blackjack Since The 18th Century 

There are a lot of theories that mentioned the first appearance of the Blackjack game. However, the hypothesizes around the existence of Blackjack and the history of BlackJack and the place was the beginning of the legend of the classic games still have many doubts. Some researchers considered that Blackjack birth was based on the game named Vingt-et-un. Vingt-et-un in French means 21. The game after that got more fame and spread-out under the reign of King Louis XV. Nevertheless, there are some statements around the history of BlackJack about how Blackjack was affected by the older variants of gambling games. This is the reason why Vingt-et-un was believed to be the first version of Blackjack. To win the game, players at least own points whether  31 points in the sum of the points. How to count the points of cards: Jack card has a value of 1 point, The Queen has a value of 12 points and the King has a value of  13 points. 

The New Beginning Of The Game Since The 18th Century

The original versions have common characteristics with the renewed versions to affirm the fixed variants of the game. The reason why Vingt-et-un was more popular than the others is equivalent requests. Luck is not the only element deciding the game. The game had the first shot to the American market in the 18th century. The history BlackJack came along with the French colonists. The differences between are one of the reasons why it is outstanding Besides, an extra wager round was included during the round when they distributed the cards. In some situations, the dealer has to face up the card from the beginning of the game. This action has shown a metaphor sign from the dealer about the way he/she played with his/her hand. Needless to say, the dealer still remains their obligatory regulations of the Blackjack. The value of the cards would go up to 16 or above number 17. 

The 19th century of considerable steps of the improvement in America

Gambling, since 1820, has been affirmed officially to be permitted by law in  New Orleans. The history of BlackJack was affected by the prohibition of the France government, the game could not have any movement outside the active areas and better-known in the 19th century. For the time being, history of BlackJack had been quickly evolved and notable in America. The year of 1820 was the glorious time for gambling activities and bookies evolved daily in order to meet the call for being satisfied with the craving of betting of American players. As a result, the first casinos permitted by law was also instituted there at that time. There is also a character mentioned in the story of the history of Black Jack, in case you want to discover more about the process of developing the game. There is a detail mentioned about a lady whose name was Eleanor Dumont or Madame Mustache. She was a master with her dealing skills in the community of the Blackjack. Witness believed that Eleanor Dumont was a lady coming from France who resettled in America since she was a little girl. Her talent could not wait to be shown until the day she showed off her proficiency movements in dealing with cards. She was also an unmistaken bookie and dealer who was always ready to complete any requests if necessary. She took care of her living by earning money in every corner of the City Nevada of California. Not very long later, she founded a small venue welcoming for gambling players on the Broad Street and named the place as Vingt-et-un. The front room only greeted with males who were prosperous and expertise, females are blocked. Nevertheless, this woman was also illustrious for her unique beauty. Men who were from other different areas so as to have an opportunity to participate in betting with her. Seized the opportunity, she enticed these men to pull them to play at her place more and more. Though, she still remained herself off from them. The woman made the crowd impressed with her at that period of time thanks to her smart mind in business and her attraction. However, the golden time ended up so soon, she got back to earn her living by passing around the country but unfortunately. She could not turn her dream into reality. They found her body stayed dead on September 8th, 1879 in Bodie California. The rumors considered that she could not afford the big debt, she suicided to finish up her life. Anyway, her stories are the important parts in the history of BlackJack. 

How Were The Great Las Vegas Casinos Conquered By The Game? 

Card Counting – a new element appeared to change the history of BlackJack. Around 1950, the new existence of the counting card machine of blackjack had fired a new revolution to the whole situation of playing at that time. Even when there were some efforts bettors created in order that they can be in favor instead of the house to extract the benefit of them. At that time, the name of Jess Marcum had been well-known in the gambling community. This one owned such a dangerous strategy that every casino prohibited himself banned from their places. Furthermore, there were 4 authors writing the book and the title was Playing Blackjack to Win in 1957. Correspond to the book, Thorp-the mathematician who invented a “ten-count system” helped to find the place having more potential to make wagers on. As a result, they can make a bigger bet on this. There were 2 numbers along with that made you think the numbers 16 and 36 which has relation to the card 10’s in the deck and other cards having the same values. When the sign of beginning game was fired, the number was counted down and detached for the 10s cards left. That is all about the history of BlackJack.

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