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Craps is one of the games that attracts a lot of members to bet at Gogbetsg. Craps rules are quite simple, players only need to refer through the basic information, participate in playing a few times, players can understand the whole game rules, and have a good grasp of this game. Let Gogbetsg learn how to play Craps through the article below.

What Is Craps?

At first glance Craps may be similar to Sicbo. However, when participating players will see the difference between these two games. Craps is a game that uses 2 dices , a dice has 6 faces and the overall value that Craps will get would be 2x total.

In the Craps game, the person who shakin dice is called ” shooter” . Shooter is the person who shakes the dice and also determines the fate of the player. Shooter is the central character deciding the victory or loss of the players on the table.

The Basic Way To Play Craps At Casino

When Shooter dumped the dice for the first time it was called a “come -out”. When participating in Craps, players will place bets by presenting chips on the Pass or Don’t Pass.

If the result is Pass, Shooter wins and vice versa if Don tries to pass, Shooter will lose. On the first roll, if the result is 7 or 11 points then the player who bet the Pass wins. Conversely, if the shooter dumped the dice and the result is 2 or 3 points, the player who placed Don and Pass will win. In case the result is 12 points it will be called “Push” and no one is the winner.

If the dice result is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 points then they will be marked on the board with a button. At that time, Shooter will need to try to create points, that is to pour the dice back to the right point to win.

If that player dice again before reaching 7 points, bets on PASS LINE win; and DON’T PASS will lose. This is called a “pass” and the shooter starts over a new dice dump.

After points are set and the result is 7, the shooter’s turn ends and bets on PASS lane lose; otherwise DON’T PASS will win. At the same time, DON’T PASS bets can be canceled at any time.

How To Play Craps At Online Casino

  • Betting: 

When joining Craps at Gogbetsg the player will be assigned the amount they want to wager, the player uses the chip denominations at the bottom and clicks on the number of chips to add value. Each click, the stakes will go higher.

Once players have selected their desired bet amount, they can click on the area of ​​the board to place a specific bet. By clicking on “Amount to bet per click” the player can change their bet amount for each bet.

Betting starts when the chip is placed on the table. Players should look for the green areas, which are the available betting areas. The red area indicates the bet is not displayed.

  • Roll

To start a new game, players choose the Roll button and roll the dice. After the dice stop rolling, if anyone loses the bet will be removed from the table. If the player wins the bet will be paid before the start of the new game. After a win is reached, the original stake will be paid in accruals with the winnings; tie bets will be refunded.

  • Repeat

The “Repeat” option allows the player to bet the same as the previous times immediately.

  • Clear

Clear is the action that allows the player to delete all bets on the table. Multiple tables can be deleted, added or subtracted at any time. Only Pass and Come are non-negotiable bets. Also, the player cannot exceed the maximum bet on the odds.

  • Bet area

When the player moves the cursor over the betting areas; A yellow message box will appear indicating the name of the bet; the current amount staked for that bet as well as the minimum amount; maximum can be wagered for that bet.


Overall Craps is a simple game that is easy to bet and is suitable for newcomers to betting. If you are a gambler, and do not know much about the games yet, you can try out Craps online at GogbetSG. Gogbetsg offers a variety of betting options and assures players about the service and quality of the product.

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