In this post, GogbetSG offer here TOP 7 types of bets you need to know. To talk about the Sic Bo game , these are 7 available betting options which are in the necessary list you should learn .Visit our Page for further more information about Sic Bo and other interesting games updated daily…

Top 7 Types Of Betting - Sic Bo Game

Top 7 Types Of Betting – Sic Bo Game

Any Number

This type of bet permits participants to put your money on the points showing on one surface popping on the dice. If the selected number shows up, the player will be in luck to get a win combining the tantamount money for the bet.

If the selected choice shows up on two dice, the player wins twice as much as his wager. Likewise, if this number shows up on three dice, he will get money triple as much as his choice. The benefit for the house for this kind is about 8%.

Two-Dice Combinations

Placing your money on any 2-combination appearance will give you an odds 8:1. This wager is stated to be the most awful kind leads to the highest casino benefit of 33%.


The players can put their money on the grand total number of the three dice. A selection among numbers from 4 and 17 will be in the options from the bettor. Based on the selection of the bet, though, the combination is able to be flexible, therefore, the edge should belong to some following ideas and below numbers.

Small or Big

Based on the characteristics of the wager, the participants will make a guess on the places whose grand sum of the three dice will drop at. Example: A ‘small’ wager gets a win if the total of the points derive from 4 to 10. A ‘big’ wager gets a win if the total points of the three dice derive from  11 to 17.It is not a good idea for participants to miss the obligatory regulations of this kind betting which indicated that the bookie will not be the loser if a triple comes out. Though there are still some struggles, the edges of winning are the most appropriate with this betting types, because the bookie advantage just reaches at 3%.


Consequently, you put your money on the wager just after the popping of the bet numbers on the face of dice. If this situation comes to real, you will have to prepare to get a big jackpot (150:1); nevertheless,  the odds may support your sides in this wager with only 215:1, which is in favor of the casino for 30%.

Any Triple

It is a simple type bet. Make your wager on any triple you receive. The repay is at 24:1 for this wager, under this circumstance, the odds may reach 35:1, which enhances the benefits of 30% supporting for the house

Odd / Even

Sicbo’s Odd / Even is determined based on the total score of 3 dices, the result can be Odd or Even. If the dice roll with a triple, any bet made on either the odd or even side will lose the stake. For Sicbo’s Odd / Even, the payout is 1: 1.

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