What Is The Cattle Card Game?How To Play The Catte Card Game At Online Casino

Cắt tê card game

What Is The Cattle?

Catte is a card game originating from Vietnam. After a period of birth, Cattle spread to many countries around the world, including Singapore. Most of the online casinos in Singapore offer cattle. And Gogbetsg.com is also one of those casinos.

Similar to other card games like Durak Card, catte uses a 52-card deck. The casino deals cards to the player in turn, with 6 cards per turn. The catte card game can be started with just two people. However, for the game to become interesting and stable, it takes from 5 to 6 people to participate.

Catte Terms

Do not ignore the terminology in the Catte card game. Players who want to win bets must understand all the terms, apply them properly in their hand:

How To Play Cắt tê Online?

The Catte card game is called by “Cắt Tê” or “Sắc Tê” and it has interesting rules. On each Catte online, there should be 2-5 players, in turn through 6 rounds. 

The Dealer will deal 6 cards, each round, the first player will play with 1 card. If the remaining players have the cards with the same suit of higher value, players can continue to play in the next round. If not, the players will be blocked. 

Players with no cards the same suit of higher value are required to face down 1 of the 6 original cards. Then, they continue to play for a total of 4 rounds, those with the highest value of cards that have been blocked by the opponent will be in the display and the number of players who have no cards will be disqualified. 

Note : 

-For players who have a “Tung”, but have no cards in round 4, think carefully and decide which card to keep or to discard.

– The last person in round 4, will be the person to “Chung”the first hand in the last round.

How To “Chung Bai” in Catte?

Rounds 5 and 6 in the game are called “Chung Bai”. The person who has the last card in round 4 will be “Chung bai”. 

The first player “chung bai” will hand out 1 card, if the other player with a card of the same value is higher will take this card and continue to draw the remaining “Tổn” card. 

The hand is decided to win or lose when a “Tổn” card is drawn, if all players in this round do not have a “Tổn” card of a higher value, the player having “Chưng” wins. If another player at the table has a “Tổn” card of the same suit and a greater value than that of the dealer, that player wins.

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Winning Rules In Catte Online

In the Catte online, there will be cases that players can win 100%. When you win, the player will immediately win that hand, find out the cases of winning 100%  in the excellent card game below.

6 cards from a player with the following combinations will win:

  • Quads 
  • 6 cards of the same suit 
  • 6 cards have a value less than 6. 

In a case where 2 players both own the combination, then compare the cards between the two to determine the winner, as follows: 

  • Quads -> Big Four will win 
  • 6 cards of the same suit -> check the value of each card 
  • 6 cards with a value less than 6 -> check the value of each card

“Gục Tùng”

“Tùng” is one of the special terms in Catte. What is “Tùng”? Let’s find out below:

“Gục Tùng” in the whole table

“Gục Tùng” in the whole table is where 1 player at the table plays from 4 cards in round 1,2,3,4 (maybe hit 5th or 6th) without any player having a card of the same suit and higher value to follow. That player immediately wins that hand, in which case the stake is multiplied. 

  • Bonus = initial stake x number of “gục tùng” rounds. (Normally round 3 will multiply 2 and round 4 will multiply x3, so on until round 5 and 6) 
  • “Guc Tung” players will be judged to die of Ace.

“Gục Tùng” individuals

“Gục Tùng” individuals is the case in the table where only a few people “Guc tùng” and there are still more than 1 people alive. The survivors will continue to “chưng” in the next round. The winner will be a player who can bet the last round of the table and receive the following bet: 

  • Payout = The total bet amount of all players at the table. 
  • “Guc Tung” players will be judged to die of Ace.

Fine Rule In Catte Online

When playing Catte online, holding an Ace is extremely beneficial, but if you do not use an Ace correctly you can be punished. Therefore, let’s learn the fine law in Catte

  • When “Gục tùng”, if there is an Ace in the hand, there will be punished, and the formula is as follows: 1/10 x stake x number of aces 
  • In case that a player who has a hand but does not force another player to “Guc tung” in the whole table will be penalized for the whole table bet amount.
vietnamese card game sắc tê

Experience Of Playing Catte Card At Online Casino

How to play Catte or not is within the domain of luck, it lies in knowledge and experience. Gogbetsg has gathered some very good experiences with how to play Catte.

  • Know the rules of the game:

Players must understand the rules of the game, how to play and avoid confusion with other card games. Once you understand the rules of the game, players avoid cheating cases. Moreover, the player does not lose without reason because of the most basic errors.

Players who follow the rules of the game will find tips and increase the chances of winning. Especially for experienced players it is even more important to understand the rules. If you don’t really understand the rules of the game, you won’t have a chance to join people with a lot of experience.

  • Remember and guess

One of the tips that people use often is remembering. Accordingly, the player will memorize the cards that the opponent has given. Based on that, the player guesses how many cards are left and will give the appropriate cards to block the opponent’s right to move.

  • Hold articles and show articles:

When playing to round 5, it proves that the player has quite a strong fighting power. If the player has the right to show the cards then show the highest card or cards of the same suit that have been dealt more. Such shows will avoid being played by other players. The odds of winning will be higher if played this way.

In the opposite case, the player who is not the showman is forced to be the smart card holder. That way the new player has a chance to win. Place small cards up to keep the big ones so that you have a chance to play the other hand and win.

  • Manage time and money

Time and money are also factors that contribute to your victory. When you play for too long you will feel tired. At this point you will no longer be alert enough to develop a strategy and pay attention to the opponent’s moves. That way you will quickly lose in the later games.

  • Keep your mind when playing

This is quite an important factor while playing. Please keep a good mentality. Calmness in the outcome of the game will help you to make the right decisions while playing. At the same time, you can come up with smart strategies when meeting formidable opponents.


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