Darkness Slot – How To Play Book Of Darkness Slot At Live22

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Live22 owns a treasure of Slot games with many different themes. Book of Darkness is one of the famous and attractive Slot games at Live22. Join Gogbetsg.com to learn about this interesting game.

Darkness Slot - How To Play Book Of Darkness Slot At Live22

What Is Book Of Darkness Slot?

Book of Darkness is published by game maker Betsoft. The game features 5 x3 reels with 10 paylines. Book of Darkness takes the theme of the mysterious and fascinating magical world. Betsoft designed the game in a distinct gothic style, the appearance of books of spells, hunters and dark wizards made players curious.

The ruby, ring, potion and knife are symbols of the Book of Darkness. Also letters like A, Q, K have a lower payout value on the paytable.

How To Play Book Of Darkness Slot

  • Free Spins

At Book of Darkness players have many ways to get free spins. The simplest way is to defeat the Scatter symbol. The player then gets 3 bonuses with 10 free spins, 4 player bonuses, 5 20 spins trigger bonuses.

Book symbol will appear after the free spins are awarded. The pages of the book will be flipped as a certain prize. Any symbol that appears on 3 or more reels, it will be expanded on all reels. From there players have more combinations, and get more wins.

  • Feature: The Clash for Power Free Spins

If the player wins some combination of Dark Wizard, magic book and hunter, the player gets a reward. Note these combinations are on the horizontal row of the reel. Players have a chance to return to a new spin if the free spins are triggered.

The player must defeat the hunter symbol, book symbol, and dark mage to activate this feature. And remember the symbols listed above must be consecutive on a straight line of the axis of rotation. The player must choose the hunter or mage who the player thinks they can win. During this feature no fixed number of Free Spins are awarded and they continue until a winner is declared.

  • Free Spin: Shadowfor

Players get 10 free spins if they win the Shadowform bonus feature. If Dark Wizard wins, the 5 most powerful symbols will be expanded. In the event that Huntress wins, the symbol will multiply by a factor of 5 by any other win, including symbols: Dark Wizard, Huntress, Crystal or Ring

  • Payment Symbol
Wild 250.00
Shadow mage312.50125.0025.0012.50
Jar Of Medicine100.0037.502.50

How To Play Book Of Darkness At Live22

With the theme of prizes and magic, Book Of Darkness is really attractive and attractive to many players. Players only need to follow the following instructions to participate in playing at Live22

  • Step 1: At Gogbetsg Online Casino , contact staff by livechat or wechat, request account registration.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions of the staff to register, provide accurate information.
  • Step 3: Complete the account creation process, log in to your Live22 account
  • Step 4: In the “slot game” section, select “Book Of Darkness
  • Step 5: Place bets and wait for the results.


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