Different Types of Sports Bets

There are many different types of betting, sport is one of the popular and popular bet. Other than the other types of betting, sports bettors absolutely do not need casinos to bet and all activities are online. Because of the prevalence of sports betting, there are many different ways to make a bet.

Straight Bets

One of the bet types that most sports fans cannot ignore, the straight bet is the most basic bet of all types. In addition, football and basketball are two sports that many players choose straight bets.

For this bet type, once selected, a bet line will be set called the point spread. Depending on the liking and desire of each person, players will bet on that intention and the remaining points will be removed. In another case, instead of betting on a favorite player’s score, they would bet on the underdog and get the score.

Players who are interested in this kind of bet will often try to win a lot of wins by gaining spread points to be able to withdraw money. The Underdog must have a higher number of wins than the number of losses and the points gained cover the individual’s betting range. In straight bets, the relationships between players are known as a way of pushing, either having money or losing money.

Total Line Bets

After straight betting, total line bets are the second most popular bet type used by many people. For this bet type, the player has a variety of small options, some of which will bet on the final score of both teams or bet for the actual score at which the match takes place. Usually, when a match is half played, it is still possible to change its original bet result and bet the total number of lines for each half of the match. Where such bets apply to basketball and soccer.

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Money Line Bets

When players expect either team to win and no more points spread, the player will use the money line bet. However, it is a bet that there will be luck or risk, so players need to consider before making a bet. This type of bet is known to be the main sports bet when it is released, but when it comes to market practice this kind of bet is mainly used for baseball and hockey. For example: Between a wager with two Dodgers and Giants, the money used in this case can be interpreted as San Francisco (+120) with Los Angeles (-135). If players bet $ 100, they will earn up to $ 120 when the Giants win and vice versa players can also risk taking $ 135 to win $ 100 when betting Dodgers.

Parlay Bets

Parlay refers to the action of two or more selections placing a bet at once. Each betting game has a specific limit of 10-12, and just players choose two separate selections to create a betting form. The total number of selections of players grouping together is a way of calculating the odds on a Parlay payment.

The usual ratio calculation, players start the ratio 13 to 5 in favor of Parlay with two teams and this number can be increased as high as 645 -1 for a 10-team Parlay. Between players, there is often a tip to make money on Parlay either all the player’s choices must win or the entire Parlay is lost. This kind of bet really makes players focus very mentally because if they win they will win with a high reward, and if they lose, they will lose all. A risky investment.

Teaser Bets

One of the major turning points at Parlay was the Teaser Bets. Because this is the case in which the player can adjust the amount of profit difference to have a lower payout at the end of the game even though the player is in two or more selections together.

For example, in sports betting, the Teaser Bets has 6 points, the situation can reverse the turn of a loser from 3.5 points up to a score of 9.5 points. It sounds easy but every bet has a few different disadvantages and so is the Teaser Bets. It is very difficult for players to attack with this kind of betting and the player’s final payout can be greatly reduced when players use different betting lines to adjust.

As usual, the payout is about 6 on 1 for a parlay with three straight teams, but if the player decides to tease then be careful because the payment will be drastically reduced to only 2 on 1 for winning bets.

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Head to Head Bets

Most of the offered bets are usually used for a number of typical sports games that suit it and Head to head bets are no exception. For some highly professional sports such as Golf or Nascar, the way to bet players or use them is to bet the final result of each match or bet on two opponents. After the end of the match, the opponent who has the higher winning or winning position is the winner for that side. An opponent can get money line multiple times, this is also a way to create a highlight for the match. Players often choose this type of bet for a number of sports that have to consider the difficulty to choose the winner in that field.


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