How To Play Durak Card At Online Casino Singapore

The Durak card is one of the most popular card games today. To play a Durak card is not too difficult but requires players to have calculation if you want to win. Let Gogbetsg learn about how to play the Durak card in the article below.

What Is Durak Card?

Durak card originating from Russia, the game uses a 52-card deck like Bridge Cards. However, the gameplay of Durak card has a certain originality.

The value of cards is determined in ascending order from 2 to A. Where A is counted as largest and 2 is smallest. A special feature is that the Durak card does not count according to the suit, but only by the owner.

Learn How To Play Durak Card

  • Dividing Durak Card

A Durak card game has 2 to 4 players. A player is dealt 8 cards and dealt counter-clockwise. The end of a dealting round, players will draw an additional card to determine what main suits are being played.. The host card will be left facing up for all to see.

Durak cards use individual cards to block and attack. The master cards are always kept separate to avoid confusion, and the cards are arranged in descending order.

How to arrange cards in Durak cards are also special. Durak cards do not use pairs or decks but use odd cards to attack and block. The host card is always kept separate so that there is no mistake. At the same time, other cards will be ranked in descending order.

The cards J, Q, K are counted according to 11-12-13, the remaining of the suits cards will be counted the same with the number card.

  • How to play Durak card

First the card is shuffled carefully by the dealer, flipping the first card and placing it face-up on the stack of cards. That means this card is also the card that determines the trump suit. Cards that belong to the host will support other cards even smaller than that. The biggest card is the ace.

Each person will attack in a counter-clockwise direction. The attacker will be allowed to choose any card, the attacker will use his cards to help. Accordingly, to support Durak card, it is necessary to use a larger card and the same substance with the attack card.

Player can attack the person being attacked with cards of a different suit and with a larger number in the same turn, If that person does, it will lose the turn. In case no one attacks, the cards for that turn will have to cover the card and not be seen again.

The attacker is allowed to pick up 8 more cards in the deck to continue hitting until the card runs out. The attacker then discharges all the cards to end the turn and draws 8 cards in the deck to attack the next turn.

The attack will end when the other player or the attacker has no cards that can be hit. In case the player being attacked cannot help, you must pick up all the cards that the previous person attacked for you. If the player being attacked can block all the others will be attacked.

  • When the attack ends

After the attack is over, the player will proceed to draw 8 more deck cards to continue the attack, the attacker will get hit first then the player being attacked, then the person on the right is the player being attacked until the last one. If a player being attacked must embrace the card from the previous turn, the person on the right of the attacker will be entitled to attack.

When the card is finished, the player will turn the card face down into the excess card to continue peeling, not mix the card anymore, Whoever comes first wins.

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Other Durak Card Player Rules

The rule of exchanging 2 cards: When the first card is picked up to decide the suit is not card 2, the player with card 2 will be exchanged for card 2 for the card that determines the suit of the hand.

Rule of Law: The person who loses in the previous game will have to give the winner his biggest card and draw 1 additional card from the remaining hand on the table to have 8 cards.

Discharge Rule: If no owner is decided for the first turn, the cards will be redistributed to find a new owner.


Above is the most basic information about Durak card Gogbetsg wants to send to players. Hopefully players will know more about an attractive new card and have more options when participating in betting at Gogbetsg.