Online Shooting Fish Game Online – Guides Detail

Fish shooting game - guides and tips

Fish shooting game has been in the market in a really long time and never stop attracting new players. We make this you help you understand more about the game and earn more coin. This is sure useful for beginner!

Currently, there are many game launching in the market everyday but fish shooting game is always found back by players as a classic way of entertainment. To be able to get that many fans, Fish game proves itself as a source of joy among many generation

To be able to play as well as sharp your skills, you should learn about it in this post. Beside that, you can read as many article as possible.

The School Of Fish

With the schools of fish, you can use 4-5 coins to shoot. At a certain point, an average school of fish appears (4-5 fishes), shoot into the middle of them. With every fish you shoot, you can get 5 coins, so the crowder the school is, the more coins we get. However, we should notice that every time a school of fish swim by the screen, there will be a big one swim around to go on your way, we have to wait to the right time when that fish goes away before starting to shoot.

Single Fishes

With single fishes, we will use 2 coins, this bullet doesn’t need to be strong, easy to destroy 1 single fish. With average size fishes, we just need to use 2 coins bullet shoot nonstop until they die. Howver, if you shoot 3-5 bullets but they are still alive, stop shooting them because they are too far away.

Big Fishes, Sharks

Those are only for players that played for a long time, around thousand of coins. At that point, you don’t have to shoot small fishes with only 1-2 coins, let’s just shoot the sharks, big fishes and mermaids. Use the gun with biggest bullet (usually 7 bullets) because every big fish you shoot, you earn 100-200 coins and other gifts.

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