How To Play Fishing Yilufa At Online Casino

Fishing Yilufa is the latest fish table game online version, appearing on the market not long ago. The game is loved and received by many players.

How To Play Fishing Yilufa At Gogbetsg

What Is Fishing Yilufa?

Fishing Yilufa is known as an online fish table game with a completely new version. The game has a combination of many new features and modern technology. Besides Fishing Yilufa, there are also many items of great value. In the future Fishing Yilufa is sure to be loved by more players.

The Rules Fishing Yilufa

Fishing Yilufa is an online fish table with many people participating at the same time. Each projectile that the player shoots will depend on the direction of the cannon.

During the firing process, if the bullet hits the wall of the game’s interface, it will immediately bounce back until it hits any target. Game results will also be determined.

Each player is provided with a maximum of 10 bullets. Depending on the bet on the weapon selected by the player, the ammo will have different power. Even if the player adjusts the cannon, it does not change the bullets fired.

Features Of Fishing Yilufa

Features Of Fishing Yilufa

Fortune Yilufa

You have 5 click chances if you catch and activate Fortune Yilufa. On the screen there will be green, red and blue Yilufa appearing randomly.

There are many Good Luck Arrives that will appear if the game is over. Then, depending on the case, the player can receive 1 to 3 more changes such as clicks.

  • Yilufa blue : bet 3 times
  • Green Yilufa: Bet 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35X random bet.
  • Red Yilufa: the cumulative number of current green Yilufa with green Yilufa, red and blue Yilufa.

Golden Wheel Of Wealth

The player selects 1 text location for a chance to upgrade to win the Wheel Upgrade or Mystery Expansion. The Golden Wheel of Wealth bonus will include 18X 28X 58x and 88X rewards.

Player reward multiplier will be upgraded after player selects the below slots:

  • Lucky Double: 36X, 56X, 116X, 176X are the multiplier rewards players can get.
  •  Triple Wealth: 54x, 84x, 174x, 264x are upgradeable player reward multipliers.

Dancing Lion

Players have a chance to receive items up to 100x -300x if the player catches the Dancing Lion. Besides, players also have the opportunity to receive items Fortune Arrives.

Fortune Arrives

Chances of getting Fortune Arrives are within reach if the player catches Ultra Bazooka and Dancing Lion. Fortune Arrives boosts your ammo until you run out of ammo.

Ultra Bazooka

Players have a chance to bet 5x times, 50 free ammo and a chance to win the item Fortune Arrives.

The maximum ammo a player can receive with a combination of Ultra Bazooka and Fortune Arrives is 999.

Fishing Yilufa Paytable

Starfish2xHippocampus8xYellow Shark
Fire Fish goby2xCuttle
9xKing Crab80x
Founder 4x
Lantern fish
15xDancing Lion100x – 300x
20xUltra Bazooka
Golden Wheel Of Wealth
Up to 700x
Blue tang 7xBlue Shark
Fortune Yilufa
Up to 1000x
How To Play Fishing Yilufa At Gogbetsg

How To Play Fishing Yilufa At Gogbetsg

  • Step 1: Visit the website at Gogbetsg. If you do not have an account, please contact customer service by Live chat to request registration.
  • Step 2: Complete the form, provide personal information as required.
  • Step 3: Confirm account registration and log in to Gogbetsg . homepage
  • Step 4: Deposit your bet and select “Fish Game” on the toolbar
  • Step 5: Select “Fishing Yilufa” => choose a bet level => start the game.


Gogbetsg hopes that with the above information, players will better understand Fishing Yilufa. When playing this game, you can refer to our playing tips, to make it easier to win. At Gogbetsg, there are many other equally attractive games. If players do not know which online casino to choose, try Gogbetsg. We guarantee players will have an unforgettable experience!