Five Countries With The Most Betting Players In The World

There are some players who often wonder which country has the most online betting participants. So, I discovered the five countries with the top betting players in the world. And today, I will introduce them to you!

Notably, these five countries also appear in the research documents of H2 Betting Capital, a consulting organization based in London (UK). These are the figures for the average total annual betting loss of adults in 200 countries and territories around the world.

Okay, let’s find out five countries having the most betting players in the world in the below article!

1. Australia

The average total amount of betting losses per adult in Australia is 1,290.00 USD.

First of all, the country with the most participants is the home of Kangaroos, which is Australia. With a thriving economy, 80% of adults living in Australia often play at least one type of betting. This has made Australia the largest betting country in the world. In this country, the people who win when betting will not pay taxes, but the betting units are heavily taxed.

Five Countries With The Most Betting Players In The World

2. Singapore

The average total amount of betting losses per adult in Singapore is 1,174 USD.

According to Gogbet betting site, 2005, Singapore has officially legalized football betting. In 2010, two large casinos at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa were born. These casinos are built to attract more visitors. Visitors will be free of charge when entering, Singaporeans will be charged 100 USD. However, this measure is not really effective when the average amount of money lost by players in this country is 1,174 USD/person per year. In December 2013, the Singaporean government officially announced its intention to restrict betting on the Internet and on mobile devices.

3. Ireland

The average total bet loss per adult in Ireland is 588 USD.

There are many casinos banned in Ireland, but the legal loopholes have helped betting organizations, so the industry has always grown very well. Ireland is a country famous for sports betting. Paddy Power is the number 1 dealer in this country. It is also one of the leading online betting companies and is still successful around the world.

Five Countries With The Most Betting Players In The World2

4. Canada

The average total yearly bet loss per adult in Canada is 568 USD.

Although betting in Canada is legal, each province has different laws. Casino games, sports betting and slot games are the most popular Canadian. Recently, the government has required casinos to tighten policies and draft regulations for online casinos.

5. Finland

The average total amount of betting losses per adult in Finland is 533 USD.

In Finland, betting is an exclusive industry run by the three Ray organizations, Veikkaus Oy and Fintoto Oy. The revenue here is used for social development. RAY’s revenue is used by many health and social organizations, while Veikkaus Oy contributes to the development of arts, sports, science, culture, and employment for young workers. In the meantime, Fintoto Oy’s revenue is allocated in horse breeding and the sports industry. Instead of holding back the betting hobby of the people, the Finnish government has a way of managing, which makes a lot of profits from this fertile industry.

What Countries Gamble The Most In The World?

Rank CountryThe Money Lose/The Player
1 Australia $1,290.00
2 Singapore $1,178.00
3 Ireland $589.00
4 Canada $582.00
5 Finland $563.00
6 Italy $520.00
7 Hong Kong $513.00
8 Norway $449.00
9 Greece $421.00
10 Spain $419.00