How To Play Forest Hunter Slot At Mega888 Singapore

Forest Hunter Slot

Forest Hunter Slot is one of the most exciting Slot games on offer at Mega888 Singapore. Forest Hunter Slot has many lovely cartoon graphics, magical creatures, … Forest Hunter Slot is provided by Gameplay, one of the major game providers in the world. The Forest Hunter Slot reels are arranged in a 3×3 pattern.

Forest Hunter Slot has a total of 9 standard symbols and 2 special symbols (icon hunter – gives players lots of free spins, and a wild icon with an arrow). Join to learn about Forest Hunter Slot at Mega888 based on the information below.

Information Forest Hunter Slot game

Minimum and maximum stakes: Depends on the player’s currency in Mega888.

Symbols Of Forest Hunter Slot 

  • Wild symbol:

Appears on all reels in the game. Wild replaces all symbols on the payment line combination. This symbol is not a substitute for lucky combinations.

  • The Hunter symbol: 

Spawns at random and rewards 5 free spins.

Choose the multiplier the player wants at the start of the Free Spins. All lucky spin wins have a chance to receive the number to receive X5, X8, X10.

The lucky wheel cannot be re-activated.

  • Combine luck

In order to request activation of the lucky combination for a player, the player should collect the number of symbols. Based on the multiplier of the total bet, lucky combinations are paid out. Lucky combinations only appear in the main game.

  • Payment goods

Payout is calculated from left to right, top to bottom on each line. The payout amount is equal to the stakes per line multiplied by the symbol’s payout ratio. To receive payout, the player must have the highest winning combination. When a malfunction occurs, wagers and spins will be canceled.

How To Play Forest Hunter Slot

To join the Forest Hunter Slot, players first choose the wager for their spins, the bet multiplier option and the currency.

Next, players press the button “Spin”, choose the automatic rotation. There are 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and unlimited options, respectively. If a player does not want to press start spinning every time a new game moves, the player can use this feature. Total stakes and bet lines will be retained according to the original spin selection in the auto spin feature.

The player can set a limit on the amount of money lost in the automatic rotation. When the losing amount reaches the limit or the winning amount reaches a certain balance, the spin stops automatically.

After the rolls are reused, the combination of the displayed icons will be paid as on the checkout table. Check the total winning amount on the payout line.

Note that the reels on the Slot machine screen will be rotated randomly. The player wins if there are the same symbols on a pay line he chooses.


It can be said that, Forest Hunter Slot is an attractive game and really attracts players. If players are a Slots enthusiast, enjoy learning new Slot games. Players can come to Mega888 Singapore, this is one of the reputable, quality and safe online casino in Singapore. Mega888 hopes players are satisfied with the services here!