Let’s Find Out How To Play Four Color Card Game At Online Casino

Four Colors is a popular card game that is loved by many. Four colors cards are widely offered at online casinos in Singapore and Asia,Gogbetsg is no exception. The appearance of Four Colors Card Game has attracted many players. So what is a Four Colors Card Game and how do I bet? Let’s find out about this game with Gogbetsg!

Four Color Card Game

An Introduction To The Four Colors Card Game

Four Color Card game is originated in China called “Si Se Pai” and increasingly popular in other Asian countries. Four Color Card game do not use a 52-card deck like Baccarat, Blackjack or Pai Gow Poker games that are available at Gogbetsg. It has 112-card and divided into 4 colors: white, blue, yellow, red. Like Mahjong, The four-color card has a rectangle shape with the Chinese characters on each card. there are from 2 to 4 players in a game.

There are 7 types of cards in Four color game:

  • General/King
  • Guard/Advisor
  • Elephant/Minister
  • Chariot/Rook
  • Horse/Cavalry
  • Firecracker/Cannon
  • Footman/Pawn

Each army will have 16 cards, divided into 4 colors yellow, white, red and blue.

There are 7 types of cards in Tu Sac

How To Play Four Colors Cards At Online Casino

At the start of a hand, for online four color card game, the Gogbetsg.com system automatically deals and selects the first person to play. The system deals cards to the player for 4 turns. Each split will be 5 cards, continue to divide until all 20 cards are reached. but winner hand will have 1 more card. The remaining cards in the deck will be placed in the middle of the table so that players can Draw Pile.

The first player to play 1 card on the table, the next player if there is a matching set of cards then obtaining a card, otherwise the player will draw cards in the draw pile.

Note that the person who has a pair or a triple has the right to have the upper hand without having to follow the order next to the player before. In the case where there is only a set of triple or trash cards, the player cannot take the upper hand. Just like that, they will beat them until someone comes, the person has no odd trash cards.

The Object of the Four Color Game

Players need to arrange cards according to the specified sets.

  • General: King
  • Pair: 2 cards same color and level.
  • Triple: 3 cards same color and level.
  • Quad: 4 cards same color and level. quadruple
  • Command Group: King, Guard and Elephant all of the same color and level.
  • Field Group : A Chariot, Horse, and Firecracker all of the same color and level.
  • 3-Footman Group or 4-Footman Group: one of each color.
  • Cards that are not placed in the set are referred to as trash cards.

Before starting to play, players should know the rules of card placement, gather the cards to avoid being penalized.

The Rules Take Over Special Card

There are a few priority rules that players need to be know

Winner : If the player can take the flap card to make their hand round, they are allowed to take the flap card and win.

Triple : Triple cannot be broken, the cards in the Triple cannot be used against another card to form a group. When the flap card coincides with the card in the Triple, the person who has the Triple must take the flap card to take over the district.

It is imperative not to add trash cards when one player throws a card away. It means if a person takes a card, the amount of trash card in their hand is not increased.

Priority for pair: If a player has a pair and the flap card matches that pair.The player does not have a district, and must take the flap card to form the same triplet and take the district.

How To Score In The Four Color Card

  • Pair : no point
  • General: 1 point
  • Any 3-card group: 1 point
  • Quad: 6 point
  • Triplet dealt 3 point
  • Quad,dealt: 8 point
  • Four Pawns different color : 4 point

The final score is always an odd number. If the result is not an odd number, then surely players have played the wrong rule. So please know the rules of the game carefully if players do not want to be penalized.