Online Gambling in Vietnam – The Gambling Vietnam With The Big Change Of Government

Vietnam is famous for being a beautiful, friendly, dynamic, hospitable and peaceful country. Experiencing many difficulties in history, Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world with an outstanding economy. In Vietnam, you can easily find a lot of parks, shopping malls, entertainment, etc. However, if you are a fan of betting, then this is not really the right country for you to choose.


Gambling activities have been completely banned in Vietnam for many years. Although there have been reforms and easing in controlling and organizing legal betting spots, this is still an area under strict control of the Vietnamese government. Instead, online casinos are stronger like W88club that bring the best revenue in gambling industry, despite government bans.

Although not completely granting licenses to traditional casinos and online gambling rules is illegal as well as issuing strict policies and penalties to apply to violators, the providers remain defiant and creates online gambling sites that accept Vietnamese citizens. It can be said that these foreign websites offer a wide variety of games that players can freely explore. Most are owned by the world’s most famous and trusted publishers: Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, NetEnt and Topgame. 

There are many Vietnamese gambling sites with foreign serve, so players can refer to reputable websites that can bet online in Fb88 Vietnam with support of local currency in Vietnamese, English or some other language.

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The Gambling Vietnam With The Big Change Of Government

Starting from the end of the war, the reunification of the country, gambling game was a banned form in Vietnam. Because the Vietnamese government believes that this will gradually become a social evil and harm the civilization of the country.

However, over the decades, Vietnam seems to be more open about casino games. It may be because there are many illegal online casinos appearing and offer some revenue into the state economy. Perhaps because of that, Vietnam accepts a number of other forms of betting besides game cards like lottery, horse racing, dog racing, shooting fish, cock fighting, football betting etc. These betting games bring significant benefits to Vietnam’s economy.

In 2003, the government decided to issue a legal license to the resort casino. This is a major change in the gambling industry in Vietnam. However, there are strict government restrictions and regulations on these casinos. The casino only accepts foreign visitors and non-Vietnamese passport holders to participate in gambling at casinos. It seems that this rule does not stop the interest of gambling enthusiasts in Vietnam, they are willing to cross the border of the neighboring country of Cambodia or up to Macau to unleash their passion for betting. In addition, there are also adventurers who participate in illegal gambling at venues that have not been licensed by the law, which is a violation of the law but extremely common in Vietnam.

There are many types of betting in Vietnam, players can join most of the popular betting types in the world. Among them, football betting is the main field with an estimated revenue of over 1 billion dollars each year. Cock fighting and horse racing are also one of the interesting betting types that are popular among Vietnamese players.

Since 2003 when the government issued licenses to legal business casinos, six legal casinos have been publicly announced. Of course, these casinos only serve foreign tourists and ban Vietnamese people. Among those 6 casinos, Ho Tram Resort and casino is a great and comfortable resort with restaurant, hotel, golf, casino services and is also the venue for tournaments competition in the framework of Asian Poker Tour. In addition, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is one of the newest casinos in Vietnam and this is the first legal casino test version in Vietnam that is open for Vietnamese to play within 3 years. 

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The Liberalization In Online Gambling 

According to the statistics in 2014, the revenue of the casinos in Vietnam is only 3% of the casino profits of Cambodia. This shows that Vietnam has relatively little revenue compared to other countries in the region, even though the resorts are operating very well. The reason is that the total scale is not large and the way of organizing in these casinos is not really attractive.

With such results, the Vietnamese government will certainly have new policies to expand the business scale to bring about greater revenue. For example, the state is testing a casino version that allows Vietnamese to participate for three years in Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc. If possible, this is a highly profitable move and significantly increases revenue. 

Besides, sports betting in Vietnam is one of the most popular and most popular betting types. Therefore, it is likely that sports betting in Vietnam will be legalized in the near future. This topic has been discussed for more than 2 decades and now it has been certain legal interventions. However, the legal proceeding of this type of betting is quite slow so we still can not be sure about the exact time.

Although this is good news for some gamblers, but not in a hurry, the Vietnamese government will have to consider quite a long time about legalizing casinos as well as betting games in Vietnam. So, if you are playing any kind of gambling on the internet, it can be considered illegal.

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