How To Play Gao Gae Cards At Online Casino Singapore

Gao Gae is a card game originating from Thailand. Gao Gae Cards is loved and chosen by many players at online casino in Singapore. So what is the way to play Gao Gae, let’s find out the details about this card game.

What Is Gao Gae Game Card?

Gao Gae first appeared in Thailand, in terms of game popularity second only to Pok deng game card. The way to play Gao Gae is very simple, just by reading it, players can understand and participate immediately. 

A Gao Gae hand has a maximum of 6 people, people on the table will play against each other directly. At the beginning of the game, the player will bet the amount according to the available bets on the table.

Next Dealer will proceed to divide the cards among players, each of whom will receive 2 cards. Players can Fold if the total score of 2 cards is low. Otherwise, if the total of 2 cards is high, players can bet on extra money. 

Dealer then divides each player to add a third card, the player adds up points and then compares points to calculate the win and loss. It can be said that Gao Gae’s game rules are similar to Baccarat, however, if playing Baccarat the player does not have the right to get a third card.

Rules Of Gao Gae Game Card

Based on the above information, it can be seen that the Gao Gae rules are very simple. However, to join the game, players need to learn a few basic things as follows: 

Basic types of bet: 

  • Bet maximum: Player bet according to the minimum amount given by Gogbetsg for each hand. 
  • Bet 1/2 Pot: The player bets 1/2 of the original amount of bookmaker in that bet. 
  • Bet 3/4 Pot: Player bets of the initial amount bookmaker offers at each bet. 
  • Bet miximum: Based on the initial amount of bookmaker bet, players bet the minimum amount according to the rules.

How To Calculate Points

  •  Gao Gae card Cards in Gao Gae are calculated as follows: 
  • Ace card: 1 point
  •  Cards 2 to 10 have points corresponding to the number of points shown on the cards. 
  • Cards J, Q, K: 0 point.

Ranked Of Cards in Gao Gae Game

The order of cards ranked in Gao Gae is: A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2 

Ranking by substance: Spade> Heart> Diamond> Club. 

Deck Rank: Three Of Kind> Straight Flush> 3 picture cards> Straight> Flush> Normally.

  • Inside: Three Of Kind: 3 cards are the same. 
  • Three picture cards: Includes 3 cards with any picture of J, Q, K 
  • Straight: 3 cards of consecutive value, no suit Flush: 3 cards the same suit, card value not included. 
  • Normally: The 3 random cards have no alignment.

Rules Of Comparison Cards

If 2 cards have a picture or Straight in a row then the player with a higher card than that player wins. In this case the highest card of both players is matched against the suit of the cards. 

Comparison between Three Of Kind or Straight in a row, the higher card wins. Where both are equal to distinguish between winners and losers, they must distinguish suit. 

The player with the higher cards wins. If two cards have the same score then keep comparing to suit. 


Based on the above information, players can see that Gao Gae is really simple, easy to understand and easy to play. also offers many other equally attractive game cards. Just register an account at Gogbetsg players can participate in hundreds of different games. Quickly do it to get more incentives and create a chance to win at Gogbetsg.

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