How To Play Golf Betting At Online Bookmaker

In the West, Golf is known as a sport for the elite. Today Golf is popular all over the world and the number of people participating in Golf is increasing. Running along the lines of social development, to meet the needs of many players, bookmakers offer Golf betting products. So what is online golf betting, how to play it, please read the article below with

What Is Golf bet ?

Golf betting is a form of betting on a handicap offered by Gogbetsg. Each golf course usually has between 9 and 18 holes. Golf courses with 18 holes require a Golfer to complete 72 standard strokes. The number of holes and the number of clubs is specified as follows:

  • 4 holes with 3 standard strokes.
  • 4 holes with 5 standard strokes
  • 10 holes with 3 standard strokes.

Note that this rule is subject to change depending on the design of the golf courses.

Compared to many other games, Golf has a complicated scoring method. However, most golfers who complete 18 holes with less strokes will win.

How To Play Golf Betting

Online golf betting is available at most bookmakers. Players can choose reputable and quality bookmakers like Gogbetsg to join. There are many different types of bets for players to choose from. Such as:

  • Bet on tournament winners

This is arguably the longest and most difficult bet in golf online betting. This way of betting is similar to playing football, players will choose the Golfer they trust the most, and can win at the end of the game to bet.

Usually at major tournaments, Gogbetsg will expand the player’s bet size. Instead of having only one betting option for the Golfer to win, a player can also bet on the top 6 golfers.

  • The opposing bet is for 2 golfers

In this market, players will predict which Golfer will complete the round with the lowest score. Winning results will be based on the head-to-head record between two Golfer paired with Gogbetsg whether they play in the same match or not. If the Golfer has the lowest score, then finish 18 holes to win. The same is true for the 36-hole content.

  • Golf handicap betting

This handicap is similar to the handicap in football, there will be the same handicap offered by Gogbetsg for each match. From there, the player will proceed to bet on the Golfer at their discretion. Based on the number of strokes that the Golfer achieved, the player’s bet results will be calculated. After rounds are completed, more or less of the underdog golfer has the handicap added.

  • The Over / Under is in golf

Similar to Over / Under in football, players will predict whether the total score of two Golfers is higher or lower than the Gogbetsg ratio given earlier.

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CMD368 is the number one famous bookmakers in the Asian betting market. CMD368 bookmaker offers a lot of online betting games, including sport betting, live casino, slot games, .. With a betting platform that is both quality and legal by the world’s prestigious organization Cambodia dan First Cagayang, Philippines Licensed, CMD368 is the choice not to be missed for those who are passionate about betting. Coming to CMD368, players can participate in countless sports games. One of the most famous games is Golf.

How To Play Golf betting At CMD368 Bookmaker

To participate in Golf betting at CMD368, players first need to own a betting account. Following the steps below, the player will become an official member of CMD368

Step 1: Visit website and contact customer service by live chat, request registration.

Step 2: Based on the instructions of the staff, players fill in their full name, account number, email, phone number, … in the form. Information must be accurate, and not previously used at CMD368.

Step 3: Agree to the betting terms after completing the form.

Step 4: Confirm registration completion.

Step 5: Deposit your bet, at “Sport Betting” and click “Golf” to start participating.


For many other games, Golf betting is not as popular as. However, in the future, Gogbetsg believes that Golf game will increasingly be loved and chosen by players. Gogbetsg will assist players in their golf betting as well as any other game here. Hope players have a lot of great experiences at Gogbetsg.

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