Welcome to one of the most reliable online casino. Gogbet Singapore provides to all of our customers the interesting gambling – Singapore Horse Racing Online and we believe that you can enjoy this game and gain much great gambling experience while playing horse betting right at our website.

Like other betting games, horse betting is easy to play, but if you want to gain more profit, you just need to play horse racing more and more since you can get more skills thanks to experiences you gain while playing horse betting. Of course, between the traditional horse racing and the Singapore Horse Racing Online are different, and we think that our players also want to know how they are different. In this post, we will introduce the basics of horse betting online, the differences of the Singapore horse racing online and the traditional one, and especially how to calculate the wager of Each Way bet.

About Singapore Horse Racing

Horse betting is one of the most aged sports whose goal is to find out the fastest horse in a particular distance or in the course. Generally, horse racing is organized with 2 or more horses, without being ridden by the jockeys (in some cases, the jockeys rides the horses) in a specific distance. With many innovations, at present, horse betting has added one function which allows the players to place bets.

Horse betting is commonly organized at many horse races and on the online casino Singapore. The players place bets with the odds that are provided by the dealers at where takes place the horse racing events and the houses edge. These racetracks are available around the world, thus horse betting also takes place successively in many hours of one day, but primarily in the evening, when the racetracks in the UK starts to operate. You can check the schedule of each match on the official website SINGAPOREPOOLS.COM.SG and place bets at our website GOGBETSG.COM. Besides that, we provide many odds of live horse racing and some tips to gain more profit. You can watch live horse racing on other websites and Facebook pages.

How Are The Singapore Horse Racing Online and The Traditional Horse Racing Different

A long time ago, the gamblers needed to move to the racetrack where took place horse racing and watched directly the match. Without any mobile devices and the Internet connection, they had to wager directly with the betting owner. This is called the traditional horse racing and it brought many advantages to the gamblers. By the acquaintance and the belief of the betting owner, the players could place bets without payment. They just made a call or messaged to the betting owner. However, they had to face many risks while playing the traditional horse racing, typically the insolvency of the betting owner or the players could lose all of their money and get bankrupt. Contrary to the traditional horse racing, the players can play the Singapore horse racing online by their devices with the internet connection. You can follow the horse racing on your mobile devices and place bets at your favorite online casino. Online gambling can resolve most of the drawbacks while playing offline by many advantages. That is you have many online casinos to choose and you can make bets any time. Moreover, you can manage your funds easily since you just place bets when you have already deposited your money to your chosen casino banking account. Besides that, most online casinos guarantee to have huge financial potential and pay all of your winnings.

How To Calculate The Wager Of Each Way Bet?

To describe how to calculate the wager of Each Way Bet clearly, we would like to give an example. Supposing that you place a bet on Vicente with the amount of $4 for E/W bet and the payout is 20:1. The E/W conditions of the racetrack are three first places at a fifth of the odds. When your chosen horse reaches the destination, you will be paid following to:

  • WIN: $4 and the payout 20:1 pays $84.
  • PLACE: $4 and the payout 5:1 pays $24. (based on the E/W conditions)

In case your chosen horse is in the 1st position, you are paid both WIN and PLACE parts, and your winnings are $108.

In case your chosen horse is in the 2nd or 3rd position, you are paid the PLACE part only, so your WIN part loses.

In case your chosen horse is in the remaining positions, all your bets are lost.

Before placing any bets, you need to check the E/W conditions which are set below your betting selection. On every particular selection, you accept a fifth of the odds (5:1) and the PLACE part contains the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.