How To Distinguish Fake Chips From Real Chips In Casinos

Any gambler knows that in order to bet on a traditional casino, a player must use money to buy chips and use the purchased chips as the currency used for betting. Each casino chip will have different symbols, different types of chips with different denominations. Because of not paying live to bet, some gamblers think that it is possible to use fake chips to deceive the casino and take part in betting as usual. However that is completely wrong, through this article GogbetSG helps players to better understand chips in casino betting.

What Are The Identifiers of A Casino Chips :

Chips created from casinos are all compliant with certain standards. Although there is a rule on how to make chips, each casino will have a certain difference in the shape and value of chips. For example, the chip is made to weigh about 11.5 grams to be put into official use.

However in practice at top casinos like Las Vegas, the chips used in Poker betting typically weigh from 8.5 grams to 10.6 grams. The raw materials for making chips are usually clay or ceramic.

Since there is a certain difference between chips, they must all have the casino stamp or symbol. That way, when using it, you will know if the chip is legal at the casino or not, or how to tell if it’s a real or fake chip. Chips are the currency in casinos, some casinos in the lands use casino chips together, but they must be real. Note that the number of chips that can be used flexibly in many casinos is limited in number. If a chip does not have a logo, it will be tagged with a fake.

In the past, some casinos used color to mark the value of chips. Such as:

  • Blue, white is equivalent to $ 1.
  • Red $ 5.
  • Green is known as $ 25 quarter chip.
  • Black is $ 100.
  • Purple is also known as Barneys $ 500.
  • Orange has $ 1000.

Any chip maker just looking at the symbols and colors can see how much each chip is worth. It is very difficult to counterfeit chips because they are all marked and controlled in quantity each time they are made, during the purchasing and selling process, casinos track and record the value of each piece, so it is difficult to mix fake chips into casino betting.

One thing to note chip colors not only simply speak of their value, but also discourage bad gamblers. Color is an indication of table limits. For example, looking at a table in red means betting a maximum of $ 5 or green with a minimum stake of $ 25.

How Casinos Prevent Fake Chips:

Don’t think that fake chips can be easily crafted. Because the weight, color, and printed design on the chip are all made from special inks that are only visible under UV light. Besides creating casinos, high value chips are watched very closely, if you think about making fake chips, you can only make $ 25 or less. Even $ 25 is unlikely to succeed.

Besides, the more valuable a chip is, the more a casino will use a chip tracking device like an RFID tag – embedded in the chip itself. Anyone trying to steal chips or make counterfeit chips will be immediately discovered.

The chip has a face value equal to the money in the bet because this is a security measure for the casino to perform better. Dealers can keep track of their casino activity via chips, how much the table wins, how it loses and specific trading operations. Therefore, it is not possible to counterfeit or move chips during the game and mix with fake chips.

Players should not forget that at every casino there are closely watched security facilities, at each table, betting room on each floor. The remote dealer can also monitor the game and draw a large or small number in the game, keep track of the number of chips and ensure the amount that the dealer can collect.

Found One? Here’s What You Should Do :

The player should not think of picking up a chip at the casino and assuming it belongs to him. Most casinos have their own rules, which states that any chip on the casino floor does not belong to anyone and that chip belongs to the casino.

At some other casinos, if it is possible to own a chip that is dropped at the tables, the viewer can use it when it is picked up. However, this row is considered inferior in the gambling world, and the player can be disqualified or banned.

Security has caught all corners of the casino. Players are tested to prove that these are chips owned by them by purchase and not otherwise. As long as a player is warned by the security and put in the form of chip theft or illegal use of chips, that player can be imprisoned.

As for the old chips, the casino will no longer use them as they are not suitable. But the face value of those chips is higher and it will belong to those who like to collect chips. They are willing to pay a ton of cash to own chips, a part of the casino’s history. And of course these collectors know what they are doing and what they own.

Getting in Battle

There are a few cases where regardless of security or protection, they still make fake chips and put them in a bet. Swapping fake chips honestly, if caught in the act, they will carry felony and heavy penalties including theft, manufacturing, possession of fraudulent equipment. A crime is not small for the above acts.

That is why players should be careful to do what they can. Remember that casino betting is about making money if possible, entertaining, rather than defrauding it to get the profit you want. Remember that the sin of the act is not small, not because of a little greed, but unfinished life.


Players should note, players themselves always want to find a reputable casino with quality to bet. That player must also be reputable and accept the betting rules first. The act of counterfeiting chips sooner or later is also discovered, so bet for enjoyment and fun instead of bad behavior. GogbetSG wants any player to feel better at betting and not be dependent on the money problem of betting. Thus the new betting really benefits the player.

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