How To Place Tennis Bets At 222bet Bookie

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Tennis is not a popular sport now. Tennis betting players must have a certain amount of knowledge about how to play and how to play the game.

Most tennis match schedules for both men and women run throughout the year, except for December only. That means you have plenty of opportunities to bet on tennis.

Through this article the 222bet bookmaker gives you the basics of tennis betting and the rules of the sport. From there you will understand how to play tennis, the tennis market in Singapore and the world play out.

Tennis Rules Guide – The Basics:

In the world of tennis it is a popular sport and is watched by hundreds of millions of people. This sport can be played in singles or doubles. Each round has two opposing players standing on both sides of the field, separated by a net. The player will use the racquet to hit the ball on the opponent’s field.

The player who wants to score must hit the ball past the net and the opponent makes a mistake such as missing the field, hitting the net again or letting the ball fall more than once.

How To Make Tennis Scores:

It is the players’ job in the match to win. The player who wins the previous 6 matches wins 1 set. Player who wins in 2 or 3 sets will win the whole match. Note this also depends on the short length of the game.

If a player starts the ball in the game and wins a point the score is 15 – 0. If the opponent wins the next point, the score will then be 15-15 and so on until the team makes 4 points. However, if players want to win, players must be 2 points away from their opponents.

In the event that the score changes to 40-40 then the match is changed to failure. The player must then earn an advantage point before earning the winning point in the match. If a player has ‘advantageous’, but loses the next point, it’s back.

The player who wins the first 6 matches will win the entire set and must have a 2 point difference to meet the requirements. So if the score is 5-5 then the player could win the 7-5 set. However, to avoid sets lasting forever, if the set reaches 6-6, a tie-break occurs. Accordingly, it will raise the first player seven points to win the set. Again, player must win with two clear points. Hence, tie-break is infinitely feasible.

Almost every tennis match takes place within 3 sets. The player who wins the first 2 sets will win the match. Some big events like Grandslam have up to 5 sets.

It is also worth noting that some Grand Slam tournaments follow a rule whereby the 5th set cannot be won by a tie-break. That has resulted in some matches lasting more than 10 hours, with the final first set stretching 70-68 in the 2010 John Isner and Nicolas Mahut match, for example.

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How Does Tennis Betting Work?

The 222bet bookie offers a variety of tennis betting options to players in Singapore and many countries around the world. You can bet any tournament you like. From the ATP for men to WTA for women. And the Grand Slam Tournament can’t ignore great bets.

Don’t miss the world ranking test. This is very useful for those who are new to tennis betting. Each player will win a certain number of points and stand on the leaderboard after each match. The higher the rating, the bigger the tournament. Getting to know the players is essential. Then you will begin to focus on the different conditions of the game.

Tennis betting takes place in 3 different types of courts: earth courts, hard courts and grass courts. The topography of the pitch is also an important factor in deciding to win or lose. Many players are suitable and are able to play better at the right court.

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Different Types Of Tennis Bets:

Tennis betting is a popular and enjoyable form of entertainment. You choose a player who is likely to win a particular tournament and place your bet. You can also bet on a long term bet. Use your money to place bets on players and watch them throughout the tournament.

When betting on a tennis match, you only need to choose one of the two players who is the winner. Unlike soccer or basketball, a tennis match does not end with a draw. So you just have to put in the player who is able to win the match.

  • You can bet tennis on a single game or set. There will be 3 to 5 sets per match. And each set has at least 6 games. Over / Under is a common form of betting at 222bet when selecting set and game bets. With an Over / Under bet, you bet on the number. Such as games in a specific set. You can also place bets and correct games and set scores.
  • Handicap is also a popular form of tennis betting. This type of rafter can be played in sets and games. In handicap betting, one of the players is offered an assumed advantage or disadvantage indicating the plus or minus for them.


Tennis is the perfect sport for online betting. The duration of a tennis tournament is extended. The tennis betting markets including 222bet sometimes change, and fluctuate wildly. In Singapore, Gogbetsg is the agent of the 222bet bookie, Gogbetsg also offers tennis betting for those who love any subject. Moreover, the betting odds are extremely high and the betting forms are varied. Such a prestigious, quality casino cannot be missed. Sign up now to win great prizes in your pocket.

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