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How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker Guide For Newbies

Caribbean Stud is a new casino game first introduced with an automatic dealing machine. This is a table casino game which is played in a standard-sized table and a dealer. The game was founded in the 80s and everyone from the unluckiest gamblers to cruise manager and tycoons like David Sklansky can be the actual founder of the game.

Never mind who founded this game, Progressive Games Ft. Lauderdale distributed this game in the 90s. It was accepted in many gambling spots.

Nowadays, this game can be found in land-based or cruise-based and live casinos. The game is even more popular now thanks for its massive progressive jackpot with the value over $100.000.

Introduction to Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is very easy to play because every player is deal 5 cards and no need to hit more card. The game is played with normal deck, without the joker and wild card. It’s best to play with the house, not each other.

To start, every player will have to put an ante. Every player will receive 5 cards, so as the dealer. As an enticement, the dealer will open 1 in his 5 cards. After knowing the dealer open card, player can either choose to quit and lose his ante or continue to play and put his bet (equal the ante).

Right after all players make their decision, players will open their cards. The rankings from standard poker will be applied, and if one’s hand is greater than the dealer the he will win with the winning rate 1-1. The ante is returned only if the player’s hand is greater than the dealer and the dealer is eligible (his hand must include Ace, King or greater). If the player and dealer have the same hand, both ante and bet will be canceled and nothing changes about money.

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Caribbean Stud Strategies

Since the dealer hand is only eligible with at least an Ace/King in his hand, players should only raise their bet when their hand is a pair and above. Moreover, If the player hold and Ac e or King, they should follow the following tips:

  • Only raise when you hold Ace, King and Queen or Ace, King and Jack when the open card is Ace or King.
  • Raise when you hold Ace and King if the open card is 2 – Queen.
  • Fold when your cards is less than Ace/King.

Winning Rate

The greatest part of Caribbean Stud is when the house’s hand is legible and the player’s hand wins, because the winning rate is greater than 1-1.

A pair or less1-1
2 pairs1-2
Flush Draw1-5
Full House1-7
Four of a kind1-20
Straight Flush1-50
Royal Straight Flush1-100

Progressive Jackpot of Caribbean Stud

Player can choose to put on another Progressive Jackpot, which is available in all Caribbean Stud table. The betting is usually $1 and the progressive jackpot is $100.000. This bet is popular because the winning chance is high, but it is different among casinos.

All casinos pay 100% of the progressive Jackpot for Royal Straight Flush and 10% for any Straight Flush. Four of a kind or Full house is also paid in all online casinos.

If you play online, make sure to find your best bet. The bonus for 4 of a kind can be up to $5000 or 5% of progressive jackpot, but can be as low as $500 when the set/trip is given more bonuses. But if a the set/trip are not given any prize, then the biggest jackpot will be giant.

A lot of players only play caribean Stud when the jackpot is >$200.000 because the return for royal straight flush is up to 1-650.000.

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