How To Play Jungle Jim And The Lost Sphinx Slot Game

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The demand for human entertainment in the 4.0 era is increasing, especially online casino constantly launching a series of attractive and novel online slot games to avoid repeated playing of the same games is really boring for players. One of the most popular games in the online gaming market is the Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx slot game. This is one of the international online slot games that is simple, easy to play and has a great chance of winning, so it is chosen by many people.

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How to play Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

What is Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx slot game?

With a variety of color designs, the vivid jungle scenery and all kinds of birds and animals like real life scenes are the first point to attract the attention of the audience. During the game, there are always accompanying sounds to create thrills for players. Each situation will have a different kind of sound: welcome to join the game, when players bet slots, when waiting for the results of the spin, when finding the treasure or winning the prize…

The rules of the jungle jar explosion slot game are very simple: consider yourself a treasure hunter in a jungle. The player’s task is to pour coins into the spins and start exploring on the adventure to find the treasure Pharaoh with his companion named Jim.

Game Overview

  • Developer: Microgaming
  • RTP: 96.300%
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 50
  • Bet range: 0.10 – 20.00 coins
  • Max Payout:6250x
  • Autoplay: Have
How to play Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx

Game Reviews


  • The sequel to the popular slot game – Jungle Jim El Dorado
  • Diverse pay lines
  • Can accumulate rewards
  • Win Booster symbol with win percentage increase function
  • Get free spins


  • No Jackpot bonus.
  • The interface is not as beautiful as the previous version.

Sound and picture

Striking at the first sight is the eye-catching design. With the vivid colorful forest scene of trees, all kinds of birds and animals are active to lead the player as if exploring in the real forest. The main color is earthy brown with colorful and eye-catching treasure crystals.

Accompanying the colorful jungle scene are equally vibrant sounds to help players enjoy exploring more. Each event will have a different type of sound that matches the activity going on:

  • Sound creates excitement to welcome you to join the game.
  • Sound creates mystery when you are searching for treasure.
  • The sound shows the thrill of waiting for the results of the spin.
  • The sound represents the player’s congratulations on winning or losing. 

Rules and how to play the game

The Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx game offers a Rolling Reels function, which means you can get as many consecutive wins as the number of winning symbols that appear after the spin. However, the winning symbols will be discarded and make way for the next winning symbols.

And to understand how to play, you need to understand all the rules of this slot game:

Win Booster

Once activated, you can unlock an additional bonus symbol to increase your chances of getting more free spins. It will increase your total bet and it does not affect the payout of the bonus symbol when it appears.

Imagine if you activated Win Booster and received a lot of free spins while betting at maximum and winning. You will have to thank the god of luck for helping you in your treasure hunt adventure.

Main game coefficients

You can increase your winnings and unlock more lines. The number of lines increases with each consecutive reward:

  • Initial Spins – 1x multiplier on 36 lines
  • Spin 1: 2x multiplier
  • Spin 2: 3x multiplier
  • Spin 3: 4x multiplier and upgrade to 50 lines
  • Spin 4: 5x multiplier
  • 5+ spins: 10x multiplier

Free Spins

Upon landing 3 or more bonus symbols, a player can trigger 12 free spins with the Sphinx symbol.

The feature that allows you to come back again

On the 3rd spin if the player does not win, the game gives a second spin chance. The reels will be re-spinned but the multiplier line will not reset.

Note: This feature occurs only once in each bet.

Bonus symbols and paylines

Everyone is a bit strange and confused when they first start participating in a certain online slot game. For ease of familiarization, we will list the meaning of all the redemption symbols as well as the total paylines of the Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx slot for you to understand.

Bonus symbols

Sphinx: this symbol will only appear when reel 3 takes place. When you spin this symbol, you will get 1 more spin. In addition, there is a cumulative volume to use to upgrade the multiplier line to play at a higher level.

Note: the spin with the sphinx will start when the player has completed his or her spins.

Free spins bonus star: based on the amount of winnings received, you will receive an equivalent free spin bonus star.

Wild Jungle Jimi: True to its name, this symbol can substitute for other bonus symbols to complete winning combinations. This symbol only appears on reels 2,3,4 and 5.

Note: the wild symbol cannot replace the Sphinx and Bonus symbols.

Bonus: this symbol pays the player in any position.

  • The winnings with the bonus symbol are multiplied by the total unenhanced bet and added to the payline.
  • After completing the entire spin, the player will receive the payout from this symbol.

Note: Demo players will not receive the Bonus symbol.

Other bonus symbols: each of the treasure and marble symbols will give the respective payouts of each type and the number of slots the player has placed.


The difference compared to other slot games, this slot game offers players the opportunity to receive great rewards with a total of 35 – 50 lines:

  • 35 lanes in the main game.
  • 50 lines in free spins. (only on the 3rd rotation onwards will be upgraded to this number)


-All bonus payouts will be paid in order from left to right (except for bonus symbols).

-Total winnings will be multiplied by the line bet the player bets on (except for the bonus symbol).

-Only the highest winnings are counted at each line when paying.


Through this article, Gogbetsg hope to help players better know about a new but attractive online game that is jungle slot game. Support gamers to understand the rules of the game, how to play effectively along with choosing a reputable bookie to confidently participate in the experience. Gogbetsg would like to wish you success in playing the game and bringing in a decent income for yourself.