What Is Keno ? How To Play Keno At Online Bookmaker ?

Keno’s underlying foundations are in China, and also the game was sent to the U.S. by Chinese outsiders within the late 1800s. it had been at first contend with 80 Chinese characters, that within the U.S. were supplanted by eighty Arabic numerals.

What Is Keno ?

Keno is one of the games that are loved by the betting members at Gogbetsg. The game has simple rules, somewhat similar to Bingo. In each Keno game, Bookmaker will randomly draw 20 numbers in the range from 1 to 80. And the 20 numbers just drawn are the result of the game.

How To Play Keno At Online Bookmaker ?

Gogbetsg offers up to 6 types of bets for online Keno

Big / Small

This bet is based on the sum of the 20 numbers drawn:

  • Big: If the 20 numbers drawn are more than 810. The odds are calculated by Gogbetsg as 1: 0.95.
  • Small: If the 20 total draw is less than 810. Gogbetsg offers 1: 0.95 odds
  • Tie: The sum of the 20 numbers drawn is equal to 810. The odds players can take are 1: 8

Odd / Even

The player predicts whether the 20 numbers drawn by Gogbetsg are an even or odd total. In this bet type the odds Gogbetsg offers are 1: 0.95

Odds / Turns / Even Numbers

For this bet type, the 20 numbers drawn by Gogbetsg have how many numbers are even and how many are odd.

  • The player wins if he chooses odd numbers and the odd number is more than even. The odds Gogbetsg offers is 1: 1.3 And the same goes for the even number.
  • Tie bets happen when 10 even numbers and 10 odd numbers equal to 20 numbers are drawn, then the odds are 4: 3.

Big Odd / Small Odd / Big Even / Small Even

When the player predicts the sum of the 20 randomly drawn numbers is greater than 810 and the last digit of the total is odd, those who bet Over / Odd will win. The odds offered by Gogbetsg are 3: 7.

The player may likewise place bets on Under / Odd, Over / Even, Under / Even bets

Up / Tie / Down

This bet has 3 doors:

  • Up: In total 20 numbers drawn there are more than 10 numbers from 1-40, with odds of 2.3
  • Down: In total 20 numbers drawn there are more than 10 numbers from 41-80, with odds of 2.3
  • Tie: Exactly 10 numbers range from 1-40 and 10 numbers range 41-80, with odds of 4.3

Gold / Wood / Water / Fire / Earth

The player at Gogbetsg predicts the sum of the 20 numbers drawn randomly from one of the following groups:

  • Gold: from 210-695 with odds of 9.2
  • Wood: from 696-763 with odds 4.6
  • Water: from 764-855 with odds 2.4
  • Fire: from 856-923 with odds 4.6
  • Earth: from 924-1410 with odds of 9.2


Keno is really a very interesting game, this game is not too difficult, on the contrary, it is easy to get used to and the odds of winning are also very high. At Gogbetsg, the keno game attracted a large number of players to participate. Based on this article, Gogbetsg has compiled the most popular types of betting on Keno today. Coming to Gogbetsg, players not only bet on Keno but also many other equally interesting games.

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