How To Play Number Games At Online Casino Singapore

Number Game is one of the games that are loved by many players at bookmaker. This game is of high chance, it only takes 1 to 2 minutes to win – lose has been decided.

Similar to Roulette, Keno, 4D, TOTO, … many players comment that the Number game is based on luck rather than calculation. However, to win the Number Game, players need to own a few tips.

Let Gogbetsg learn about Number Game, the basic knowledge of this game as well as tips to win.

What Is Number Game?

Number Game uses 75 ball what is ticked number from 1 to 75. Each spin will have 3 times ball tosses, so Number Game is similar to a lottery game. When the spin stops, 1 in 75 balls will fall into the cage. By then it will be known whether the player wins or loses the bet.

Types of Bets When Playing Number Game.

Number Game time is very short. There are different types of Number Game bets. Depending on the player’s preferences and abilities there are the following types of bets:

  • Over / Under:

Based on this bet type, players will predict whether the result is a big or a small number. The milestone for players to choose is the number 38. The player will win if they place Over and the result is the ball with the number greater than or equal to 38. Otherwise if the player bet Under and the result is the smaller number. 30, the player wins.

  • Odd / Even:

 This bet is easy to play and easy to win. The player only needs to predict whether the result is odd or even. This bet is divided into two categories, players can choose either odd or even for a ball or even 3 balls (to sum).

  • Combination bet:

This is a combination of over / under and odd / even. If the player’s bet results converge both factors then the player wins. This bet is difficult to win, but the payoff is of great value. There are 4 types of bets as follows: O and O = Over and Odd, O and E = Over and Even, U and O = Under and Odd, U and E = Under and Even.

  • Next H / L bet:

This is the same as an over / under bet. However, it will take the marker at the number from which the ball was drawn for betting. For example, the second ball has just drawn the number 20 then the player will guess whether the third ball is higher or lower than that number. It therefore has no effect if the drawn balls are 1 or 75; and players are allowed to bet only from the 2nd or 3rd result.

  • Bet on exact numbers:

This is a form of high risk betting. Players will choose and bet exactly on a certain number. If correct then the player gets a lot of bonus. It can be said that this is the bet with the highest winning rate for the luckiest player. Gogbetsg hope you will be the lucky one!

Some Experience Playing Number Game At Online Casino Singapore

Although it is a game of luck, if you want to increase the chances of winning, you should have a few betting tips. Note that this game has 75 balls, so the probability that the number of balls is equal to or greater than 38 will be a lot. At the same time the number of odd balls is more than the even ball.

  • Players can wait for the spin that results in 0-2, 2-0 and hit back on the 3rd spin.
  • Players should rest when they find themselves betting enough. It is best not to get too caught up in the bets, which can cause players to lose money.
  • Although this game is based on luck, players need to use their mind and judgment to place bets. If the player feels tired, not alert enough, the player should stop.
  • Do not rely on the math of the sequence to place bets. If any player applies this form of betting, the losing bet will lose dozens of bets consecutively. This leads to a run out of funds just because of one type of bet.

How To Play Number Game At Gogbetsg

  • Step 1: Players need to register their betting account at Gogbetsg by contacting customer service by live chat.
  • Step 2: After successful registration, players log in and deposit their bets to participate.
  • Step 3: Player select “Lottery” and click “Number Game”.
  • Step 4: Players start to place bets and wait for the results.

Conclusion hopes through this article players understand more about Number Game. This game has many ways to bet. Quickly register to participate and get more attractive rewards here.