How To Play Pai Gow Poker – Gambling Strategy

How to Play Pai Gow Poker

Introduction To Pai Gow Poker


Pai Gow is a quicky game. The goal is to organize 7 deal cards into 2 `separate parts: 1 with 2 cards and 1 with 5 cards. Pai Gow is very popular in many casinos.

Basic Rules

Once you are in Pai Gow Poker, you are an observer. To be able to start, you just need to click into any available seat (which is shown as ‘none’) or drag your mouse to “Sit” button.  If there is no available seat, you can create a new table, or wait for someone to leave, or go to another table. Double click in any table will bring you there.

Once you have your seat, you can start to play in the next turn. If there is no game going on, you can click on Deal. There will be at least 2 people to start the game.

At the beginning of the game, every player will be deal 7 cards (from the bottom of the deck). You can click in a card to select it and click in it again to unselect it. If you already choose a card and want to get another one, they will swap their position.

Once you finish organization, press Submit to send it to the system. Remember that Submit button only appears when the 5 cards deck is greater than the 2 cards one.

When all players finish submitting their cards, the system will show all of the cards and calculate the win/lost money for each person. Player’s card will be compared to each other according to the rules of the game.

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The Joker And Its Value

In Pai Gow, Joke is somewhat flexible. It can replace any card to make a straight or flush. If it’s not necessary for a straight or flush, it can be counted as an Ace.

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Powerful Sets In Pai Gow And Their Values

The first set in Pai Gow includes 5 cards. After using the Joker to replace, each set can be one of the following cases, which is organized according to its value:

  1. 5 Aces : 4 Ace + a Joker
  2. Straight Flush: 1 Flush of 5 cards and all of them have the same suit.
  3. 4 of a kind : 4 cards of a kind and an extra card.
  4. Full House : 3 of a kind and a pair.
  5. Straight: 5 cards with the same suit.
  6. Flush: 5 cards create a continuous flush.
  7. Triple : 3 cards with the same suits and 2 extra cards.
  8. 2 pairs : 2 pairs of 2 different kinds and an extra card.
  9. 1 pair : 1 pair and 3 extra cards.
  10. Trash : 5 different cards.

2nd Set Can Have 2 Possibilities:

  1. Pair : a pair or 1 Ace and 1 Joker
  2. Trash : both are different.

When comparing 2 cards, and determine if a set is a straight, only its value count. Their order increasing as followed: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A.

Please note the difference between Pai Gow and Chinese Poker. A set of A 2 3 4 5 is supposed to be complete, this straight is greater than 9 10 J Q K but smaller than 10 J Q K A.

When 2 sets are compared, its kind will be compared first. When 2 sets are of the same suit, the cards that created that set will be checked first, then the extra cards.

The set of 5 has to be greater than the set of 2 cards. In contrary, you can’t hand it for the system.

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Winning Rate

This rule is not the basic law of Pai gow. The following cases of a collection of 5 leaves are recognized as special: triple gray, triple, hall, cascade, quartet, lobby box, and 5 children. If you win in a 5-card set with a special set, the winnings will be based on your situation in the 2-card set as follows :

SetWin/Draw of 2 cardsLost of 2 cards
Trible2 bets0 bets
Straight3 bets1 bet
Flush3 bets1 bet
Royal straight flush3 bets1 bet
4 of a kind5 bets3 bets
Straight Flush6 bets4 bets
5 bets7 bets5 bets