How To Play Perfect Pair Blackjack

Perfect Pair Blackjack



Among many different versions of blackjack,Perfect Pair Blackjack is one of the most favourite in online casino because of its giant jackpot. If you are looking for a big prize jackpot, Perfect Pair Blackjack is perfect for you.


Perfect Pair is another version of live casino blackjack. The purpose of this game is to achieve maximum hand of 21 or closest to 21. To win, you have to win the house, similar to any other blackjack.

Basic Rules

In online Perfect Pair blackjack game, players can win an extra round if he is able to create a pair with his original hand. A perfect pair (2 cards in the same color) has the highest payout.

  1. To start the game, chips are placed on the table. Players can choose to play with 1 hand or many hand or bet on extra round.
  2. After all players in the table finish their bet, cards will be dealt. Players will have 2 up-side-down cards, while dealer’s has one of them open.
  3. Depend on your hand, you can choose to hit (get more card), stand (stop), or double down (bet more and hit), or split (separate into 2 hands).
  4. After players finish their moves, dealer can choose to hit or sand.
  5. Finish up, players with higher hand will win.


The exact pay table will vary depending on the casino you play at. These following are the typical payout:

Perfect Pair: 25-1

Colored Pair: 12-1

Non-Colored Pair: 6-1

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Perfect pair is another version of blackjack with high return. The rule is simple, no strategy needed. Online perfect pair is perfect for any players who wish for a higher rate of payout, from beginner to professional.

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