How To Play Scratch Cards – A Guide To Scratch Cards For Beginers

How to play scratch cards

A Guide To Scratch Cards For Beginers


Scratch cards is one of the most popular cards games in the world, first introduced in the United States. It is also known as “3 cards poker” because they players will be deal 3 cards. Like many other popular online casino games, Scratch cards use the deck of 52 cards. This is considered to be the easiest online casino card game in the internet at the moment. Players only need maximum 5 minutes to master this type of card game.

With the short length of time for every game, players will feel the thrill of this game, which is also what attracts gamblers. Only after several rounds, you can win a lot or have nothing. Another factor that attracts gamblers is that there will be many hands playing together, and the result purely depends on luck. Players don’t need to think a lot, just put their bet and comare the hands.

With those features, online casinos soon catch the trend and create a lot of online scratch games. With only Scratch game, there will be no limit and disturb, which is why online scratch game is becoming more popular.

How to play scratch cards1

How To Play Scratch Cards?

As we mentioned, it is really easy to play this game, even with a total newbie.

To begin, players have to put their bet, the house will deal cards for you, after that, you can check your cards, secretly or publicly depends on you. Then hands start to compare together, who has the highest point is the winner.

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Point Calculation

Points are counted as following: A->1, 2 ->2, 3->3,…, 10-> 1o points. King, Queen and Jack will be counted as 10 points.

If the player’s hand is from 10-19 or 20-29, their hands will be counted as 0-9 points (minus 10 or 20).


Because scratch cards’ point is counted from 0-9, so, who has the hand equal or closest to 9 will win. However, there is an exception: If the player hand is J, Q, K, he automatically wins that game without comparing.

Rules In Online Scratch Cards Game

If a player has higher points than the house, he will win, the prize will be minus 5% commission.

If the player and the house draw, the bet remains the same.

If the player  hand is less than the house, he loses.

If the player leaves before the comparison, he pays the fine equal to the bet on the table.

Scratch cards is one of the most exciting cards game, easy and entertaining, start your first Scratch game in Gogbetsg right now.

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