How To Play Wild Turkey Slot Machine At Live22 Singapore

How To Play Wild Turkey Slot Machine At Live22 Casino

Wild Turkey Slot Machine.

Wild Turkey slot machine appeared and developed from land-based casinos, it is one of the most popular gambling games today, introduced into the world of online slots game. Wild Turkey includes 5-reel, 20-payline of Wild Turkey.

With a simple way of betting and players do not have to bet high, it costs too much. This game becomes the top choice of Slots betting enthusiasts. In addition, those new to betting can also participate in Wild Turkey for more betting experience.

Wild Turkey is a game that multiplies your original bet 3 times. Bet payout rates range from 85 to 98 percent.

It can be said that Wild Turkey is a simple slot machine, easy to play, easy to use. Wild Turkey by Live22 Singapore. Includes 5-reel with one pay line.

The stakes in this game are limited to 3 cents but players can get a sky-high payout of up to 2500 coins. The main symbols in this game are “bar”, number 7, symbol 10, J, Q, K , A, turkey tribe…

In this game, when the player receives the Wild Turkey symbol, the highest bet amount is received. If the Wild Turkey symbol appears 3 to 4 times in the pay line. That player wins big and receives a generous gift.

Players can bet on many different denominations. Except for the maximum payout of 2500, players can pay up to 1600. Just a game with 1 slot, 3 simple reels, but Wild Turkey has up to 20 different wins by combining combination icons on roll.

The betting system is decorated with many colors, stands out and attracts players. Wild Turkey is a 3rd generation slot machine for those who love online casino betting. In terms of graphics, sound is not without controversy. Players will have a genuine feeling when participating in this game.

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How To Play And Real Money Versions:

Players just need to choose the amount they need to bet, then click on the spin. There are many denominations for players to bet, from GBP, USD, CAD up to Euro. The bet is set beforehand, with a minimum of 3 cents and up to 5 or 10 dollars.

For modern casinos like Live22 Singapore it can go up to $ 100. So a credit of 2500 is extremely feasible. Multiplayer comes to Live22’s Wild Turkey and brings in prizes up to £ 12,500. The payout chart at the top of the screen lets players know which combinations pay them and which doesn’t.

Bounty Round Doubles At Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is considered a slot with 5 reels, and 20 bonus features. When the player encounters the Wild Turkey symbol, it means the player gets the highest payout. The Wild Turkey symbol is the main theme of the game, contributing to big and small victories.

The Wild Turkey symbol, acting as a multiplier, appears on the winning lines. Depending on the number of Wild Turkey symbols the player receives, they will get the corresponding amount. For example, the player who receives the Wild Turkey symbol on the pay line will be multiplied by two bets. If the player comes across 2 Wild Turkey, the stake is multiplied by 4.

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Wild Turkey Slots On Android / iOS / Mobile Apps

Wild Turkey is now available in casinos and mobile apps like Live22 Singapore. Players who enter bets for the first time will receive a trial version to enhance the betting experience. The free Live22 app has a limited number of plays. Those who love to bet Wild Turkey can download Live22 to their computer and enter the Slots category and choose Wild Turkey.

Currently, on two operating systems, iOS and Android, both offer apps and games. Players are free to participate wherever circumstance input. Each Slots session is very short, does not waste too much money or time on the player.


Except for Wild Turkey, Live22 betting app, there are many other very attractive Slots themes. Let’s follow to play betting and receive many attractive rewards on your account. Bet fast, convenient and great deals!