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This isn’t the principal slot I have played which attempts to reproduce the colossally well known diamonds type games individuals appreciate on their cell phones. Contrasted with the challenge, this is effectively the best in the class. Other slot producers, for instance IGT and their Da Vinci Diamonds game, kept the standard slot setup and acquainted jewels and falling successes with the blend. Gemix gets things done from an alternate course. They take the gameplay of the versatile games, and added approaches to win cash onto this.

There are levels, universes and engaging on-reel practices. Reels is implied in the free feeling of the word, this slot game is played on a 7×7 network, which splendidly shaded pearls fall into. Where there are at least 5 nearby (sideways, not corner to corner) at that point they consider a success, and after that vanish. More jewels fall into their place, and the others move downwards – frequently making new mixes.

Underneath the pearls is an example of blue squares. As you get wins on those squares, they turn orange. When the entire example is orange, you move to another dimension, getting fresh out of the box new example to fill. 3 designs later, you’ll move to the following scene. This acquaints a dynamic component with the slot game, which is helped along by a ‘world reward’s which is shown on the screen. You’ll win this when you complete the world.

Graphically, the game is magnificent – I would not have the capacity to recognize it from one of the numerous diamonds games without detecting the coins/wager sizes segment beneath. The music is light and practically funny, inevitably it gets somewhat monotonous, however while you are winning you’ll scarcely notice it. As you begin aggregating wins, the music goes up a power level, with bass notes and the drums increasingly forward. When you change universes, both the background illustrations and the music change as well.

Gemix Online Slot Machine features

The examples and universes do keep you keen on the game – particularly when you just have one all the more square to get a success on before advancing! Over this there are some intriguing features which add to the game play.

To begin with, there is dependably a  ‘Crystal Charge’ in play. This sits on the correct hand side over the presentation of the present example. Every jewel that tallies towards a success will enable the meter to push ahead. When you win with 20+ images on any one ‘spin’, you get one of 4 exceptional practices.

There is a ‘nova blast’ where a blast clears out a great deal of the symbols, enabling more to fall in and ideally make more successes. The gem twist takes on symbols  type and transforms those into various symbols. The light pillar changes symbols vertically and on a level plane, and the chain lightning does likewise in a crisscross example.

This can be retriggered with a super-charge in the event that you hit 40 wins, when every single resulting win are multiplied by 3.

Contingent upon which world you are playing in, there are likewise characters which show up and give you some wild symbols. Level 1 is, where a smaller person shows up and offers up to 10 lamps haphazardly on the reels as wilds. This possibly occurs on twists when there are no ordinary successes. On the second dimension the princess shows up and gives wilds which are connected from side to side and on the last dimension a wizard has the undertaking of giving you arbitrary wilds.

There are multiple approaches to keep you drew in, including that dynamic component of traveling through various universes to gather rewards and get new kinds of wilds. The Crystal Charge becomes possibly the most important factor regularly enough to keep you intrigued, and will here and there include some critical successes.

A large portion of all, completing an example feels like an accomplishment the majority of its own.