Introduction To Sicbo Game For Beginner

Sicbo game is one of the most popular casino games in Gogbet Singapore. This game was developed from ancient Chinese dice game and has been attracted more and more players every since it was introduced in our website. It takes less than 10 minutes for players to understand the rule and layout of this game, but its turnover is not little at all.

Odds Table Sic bo

At first, the odd table looks complicated to any players, but once you understand it, it will be as easy as any slots game. The dealer will roll 3 different dices in a small box, you will bet in the result of these 3 dices.

There are many ways for you to bet, including: three dice, 1 digit, a specific couple or single number. Every option will have its own winning rate, you can bet on as many door as you want. Read carefully our tips and introduction below before starting to play this interesting online Sicbo.

Small/Big Bet Sic bo

The two most popular bet in Sicbo online casino table game is Big and Small. These two predict the total point of 3 dices will be Small (4-10 points) or Big (11-17 points).

If you win in these option, your winning rate turnover is 1-1. That is why this option has the winning chance if 50%, similar to Roulette.

Both Big and Small bet will lose if the result is a Triple ( 3 of the same number). Big and Small is the option that all Sicbo game players choose. But because of their same winning chance, these two options are used as a part of minimum risk tactic.

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Double Bet Sic bo

Double bet predicts that at least two of three results will be the same number. You can bet on any couple number from 1-6 and the winning rate is 10/1, which means bet 1 win 10.

Unlike Triple (below), there is no option for you to bet in any random couple, instead, you have to choose a specific couple, although you can bet in as many option as you want. You can also bet on Double and other options at the same time. If the result is a Triple then any other bet will lose.

Triple Bet Sic Bo

You bet on any triple (111, 222, 333, etc). You can bet on a specific triple, or a random triple, which is so-called The house.

The winning rate is 30-1 for random triple and 180-1 for a specific triple, this is also the biggest prize in Sicbo game.

Total Bet Sicbo

You can bet in the total of these 3 dices. Although the total can vary from 3-18, you can only bet from 1-17; because if the total is 3 or 18, it can only be a triple. The payout rate for each total is different, and is noted carefully in the table.

2 Digits Bet Sicbo

2 digits bet predicts 2 specific numbers will appear in the dices. The payout rate is 5/1. This rate remains the same no matter which number you bet on.

Single Number Bet

Single number bet predicts a specific number will appear in the dices. This bet has different payout rate, depends on the number you wager on. If your chosen number appear in 1 dice, winning rate is 1-1; appear in 2 dices, winning rate is 2-1 and appear in 3 dices, winning rate is 3-1. This seems to be so low comparing to the triple bet, but also because of the variety of bets, Sicbo game attracts a lot of players.

Play Sicbo Online At Gogbet Singapore

Sicbo is one of the most exciting games in online casino Singapore. Gogbet Singapore team understands that Sicbo players are all professional and skillful, especially very perfectionist, always required the best experiences. That’s why we created this game in a very smooth platform, with supportive customer services and many different method of payments. We will sure to bring you the most relaxing gaming experience you can ever expect.

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