How To Play Jellyfish Flow Slot Game At Mega888

Mega888 is an online casino that specializes in providing online slots. At Mega888 players can join any game from all game publishers.

Referring to Mega888’s slot game, players will immediately remember Jellyfish Flow – a game with a novel theme, attractive bonus rate. Jellyfish Flow has the top number of players at the house. Let’s go to to learn about this Jellyfish Flow Slot game, what advantages does it really have that make so many people choose it.

How To Play Jellyfish Flow Slot Game At Mega888

What Is Jellyfish Flow Slot?

Jellyfish Flow Slot is a game themed about the vast ocean world. The image of beautiful, colorful jellyfish appears during the player’s participation. Jellyfish Flow Slot belongs to the classic genre, has 3 rows and 3 columns and pays symbols.

Overview About Jellyfish Flow Slot

RTP: 96.690%

Minimum bet: $1

Max bet: $217


  • Game rules are easy to understand, easy to join, suitable for new players.
  • Mega888 allows you to try it out before placing a real money bet.
  • High payout ratio.
  • Beautiful picture, vivid sound.


  • Not suitable for experienced players.
  • Victory is more based on luck than skill
How To Play Jellyfish Flow Slot Game At Mega888

Symbols At Jellyfish Flow Slot Game

SymbolsPayment ($0.5)
Wild Symbol( colorful jellyfish )3 – 304 – 50
5 – 70
6 – 120
7 – 250
Symbol with big win
Yellow Jellyfish3 – 304 – 50
5 – 70
6 – 120
7 – 250
Red Jellyfish3 – 74 – 12
5 – 50
6 – 90
7 – 120
Symbol with small win 
Green Jellyfish3 – 54 – 7
5 – 40
6 – 60
7 – 90
Blue Jellyfish3 – 34 – 5
5 – 25
6 – 40
7 – 50

Wild Symbol

  • Spindles can expand to 7×7 or 823,543 lines, while they were originally just 3×3 or 27 lines.
  • When the reels appear, for each Wild symbol that appears on the screen, the reels will increase by 1 symbol up or to the right.
  • Before the axis appears, the total wild symbols stick to the axis and move up 1 symbol.
  • If the wild symbol is not supported to move, the axis of rotation will not have the appearance of the wild symbol.
  • The reels will not be expanded and they will restore their original 3×3 shape if the total wild symbols are removed from the axis.

Other Laws

  • From 27 to 823,543 lines, the game defaults to a player bet of 15 coins.
  • If the player wins from the left to right reel, Mega888 will pay the prize.
  • Bet lines multiply the bet level specified by Mega888.
  • The player points a straight line if there is the longest combination.
  • In each bet configuration, the grid and position of the Wild symbol are saved. The combination of coins and bet level creates the player’s bet configuration.
  • The amount a player can get for max win of any game, including feature win is 86,956,521.7$
The Law Of Jellyfish Flow At Mega888

The Law Of Jellyfish Flow At Mega888

Amount To Bet

  • The unit of bet players participating is Dollar.
  • Players can choose the bet level corresponding to their ability.
  • The most selected bets are 1, 2, 5, 7 and 10.
  • The maximum win for any game is $86,956,521.7.
  • Player’s bet multiply coins face value = Total bet in player’s currency


  • Account balance: The current balance by the face value of the player’s money.
  • Bet: Total amount bet in coins.
  • Total amount: The total amount bet in the player’s currency.
  • Win: Total number of prizes won by the player (including feature prizes of the active game)
  • Coin: The balance divided by the denomination of the selected coin can be increased or decreased.
  • Bet level : Increase/Decrease the bet level.
  • i : Payment table.
  • Arrow button: Select ignore.
  • Button Play: Start or Stop the reels.
  • Maximum Bet: Player can bet all lines with maximum value bet.
  • Automatic: The system automatically bets and spins the previous games.
  • Screen on/off button.
  • Sound on/off button.
  • Lightning button: enable/disable fast or slow play.
  • Button List: Display the game menu.
  • History: The player’s entire betting history.
  • Game Rules: Guide all Jellyfish Flow rules for players.
  • Quick spin: Enable/disable the quick play feature.

How To Jellyfish Flow SlotsAt Mega888

  • Step 1: – Contact customer service by Live chat, request account registration.
  • Step 2: Log in to the newly registered account, don’t forget to change the password to increase security.
  • Step 3: In the Slot game select Mega888 => select Jellyfish Flow => select the bet level => start.


Not only Jellyfish Flow, Mega888 also offers many other equally attractive games. If you love Jellyfish Flow and trust Mega888, sign up for a betting account today. Visit the homepage for more exciting games.