Predicton Lille vs Amiens 19/01/2019 – Football Betting Tips

Lille are in good shape and have been quite successful since entering 2019, so it is difficult for a team with many crises like Amiens to be the opponent of the second division.


Asian Handicap : 2.01*1*1.89

After many disappointing seasons, Lille are returning extremely strong. Last season they were just over 1 point, 1 level compared to the relegation group.

Since 2015, 7 coaches have been replaced, nearly 8 years ago, not once has this team come back with the peak that brought them to the French championship. But it’s clear that the season of 2018/19 was different.

Championship is not a turn, but perhaps the position in the top 4 is difficult to escape the hand of the home team if they still maintain the current stability. Many were concerned about Lille’s performance after suddenly losing 1-2 at home in the final match of 2018.

But very quickly, they started 2019 with 2 wins (1 in Ligue 1, 1 in the Cup, through which the most exciting spirit has returned. So with Amiens too weak, any chance for the visitors to score in this match.

Towards the guests, the relegation battle this season has become much more difficult. Amiens only won 1 of the last 7 rounds, right above the relegation group with a single point difference.

The previous round lost to PSG 0-3, then the next round met the second team. Obviously there was no more difficult schedule for Amiens at this time.

In the Lille squad, there is a noticeably dazzling name – Nicolas Pepe. Young striker who has just joined Lille in his second year, but his maturity and bravery are quickly trained and always knows how to make homeowners feel secure.

He fired regularly in the last 5/6 matches and promised not to stop, contributing to victory with at least 2 goals for Lille.

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Odds Over/Under : 1.85*2-2.5*2.02

In the first leg this season, Lille beat Amiens on the opponent’s side 3-2. However, this time it is likely that there will not be an open posture, many similar attractions. First, Amiens will play defensively, because first of all they cannot lose more to fall into a dangerous group.

Secondly, difficult conditions of competition in the cold of France also more or less affect the play of both sides.

And finally, superior control makes Lille sometimes feel satisfied with a safe enough way, not so much effort to increase unnecessary disparity.

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First half odds bet:1.76*0-0.5*2.11

The last 4 games regardless of winning or losing, Lille are the team with the first goal opening in the first half. It can be seen how aggressive the play of the host has been. This will happen again when Amiens is not appreciated. 1-0 victory after the first 45 minutes is possible.

Predicting lineups:

Lille: Maignan, Toure, Dabila, Le, Celik, Xeka, Mendes, Araujo, Ikone, Pepe, Remy.

Amiens: Gurtner, Dibassy, Bodmer, Gouano, Krafth, Lefort, Blin, Monconduit, Gnahore, Mendoza, Timite.

Prediction Full Time:Lille 2-0 Amiens (Lille and Under)

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