How To Play Lottery PK10 Detailed At Online Bookmaker

Lottery PK10 is one of the most popular online lottery types. Gogbetsg also offers this kind of betting. The rules of the game are simple, the betting types are very diverse and the odds of winning are extremely high. We believe that if you join the lottery Pk10 lottery at you will definitely not be disappointed!

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What Is Lottery PK10?

Lottery Pk10 is a betting game that combines lottery and virtual racing. That means the Gogbetsg system will create a virtual racing of 10 cars. The racing cars are numbered from 1 to 10 and players will place bets on the race. The results of the race do not have Gogbetsg intervention but will find a random number from the automated system. With different types of betting, players can choose the bet type and adjust the bet to best suit.

Rules Of Race PK10

The rules of the lottery Pk10 are quite simple, at Gogbetsg you can bet types of bets such as dragon tiger, Over / Under, predict which car is the champion, … Gogbetsg limits the time to bet the game, if The player is not betting within the specified time, all of your bets are void.

Gogbetsg gives players 6 races for them to choose from: Ultra, Furious, Turbo, Rapid, Speedy, Super. Unlike traditional racing, racing in the lottery per game only takes place in 5 minutes 20 seconds. Then Gogbetsg will announce the official result to be played on the vehicle in the order from 1 to 10. And the new match will take place after Gogbetsg has paid the player bets.

Bets will be void when the result is declared before the system announces the cessation of betting or the official result is not announced for a long time.

Bet Types For Lottery PK10

With this bet you can select 1 vehicle with the number that corresponds to the specific position in the race. For example, bet on car position, bet Over / Under or Odd / Even, … are all right

  • Bet on vehicle position

Corresponding to a certain position the player chooses a specific vehicle number. Odds are 1: 1.97

Example: Player bet $ 100 on the number 7 car to position 2. If the result Gogbetsg provided matches the result of your bet, the win will be calculated at odds of $ 100 x 1.97 = $ 197.

  •  Odd/Even

Players will bet on even vehicles or on vehicles with odd numbers. Odds are 1: 1.95

Example: Player bet Odd $ 100 on 3rd place. If Gogbetsg results provide: 3rd place is No. 8 car (Since 8 belongs to Odd) then player will receive win amount: $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195

  • Over/Under

The vehicles with the numbers 6,7,8,9,10 are the Over bets, and the vehicles with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 are the Under bets. Odds are 1: 1.95

Example: Player bets Over $ 100 on 7th place. If Gogbetsg results provide: 7th place is 7 truck (Since 3 belongs to Over) then player will receive winnings: $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195

Dragon Tiger Betting

For this bet type a player compares the numbers of two vehicles in the same position pair. Odds are 1: 1.95

There are 5 ranked pairs with each other, including:

1 and 102 and  93 and 84 and  75 and 6
DragonPosition 1 > Position 10Position 2 > Position9Position 3 > Position 8Position 4 > Position 7Position 5 > Position 6
TigerPosition 1 < Position 10Position 2 > Position 9Position 3 > Position 8Position 4 > Position 7Position > Position 6

Example: Player bet $ 100 Dragon on pair 2 and 9.

If the result that Gogbetsg provides is: 2nd place is car 3 and bigger than 9th is 5th car, you will receive winnings: $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195.

  • Bet On Total 1st place + 2nd place

For this bet you must wager the sum of the total points of the cars in position 1 and 2 to be Over / Under, Odd / Even.

  • Bet on specific position 1 + 2nd position

For this bet Gogbetsg offers 1: 10.5 odd

Example: Player bets on 2 positions totaling 10 with the stakes of $ 100

If Gogbetsg gives a total score of car 3 (VT1) + vehicle 7 (VT2) = 10, you will receive $ 100 x 10.5 = $ 1,050 in winnings.

  • Bet on specific position 1 + 2nd position to be Over / Under

By law, Over’s total score is 12-19 and Under’s score is 3-10. If the result given by the system is 11 then Gogbetsg will refund the player’s bet. This bet has 1: 1.95 odds of winning

For example: if the player bets Under with a stake of $ 100

If Gogbetsg gives a total score of vehicle 1 (VT1) + vehicle 5 (VT2) = 6, then the player will receive a win amount of $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195.

  • Bet on a specific 1 + 2 position to be Odd / Even

The numbers 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 are Odd’s total score

The numbers 3,5,7,9,13,15,17,19 are the Even score total

The odds for Gogbetsg are 1: 1.95

Example: You choose to bet Even with an amount of $ 100

Gogbetsg gives a total score of vehicle 4 (VT1) + vehicle 3 (VT2) = 7, then you will receive a winnings of $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195.

Bet on Specific 1st Place + 2nd Place + 3rd Place Total bet

This bet allows the player to bet on the sum of positions 1, 2, and 3 as Over / Under, Odd / Even.

  • Specific totals

The odds of this bet type are 1: 1.25

Example: Player bets on 3 positions totaling 10 with the stakes of $ 100

If Gogbetsg gives a total score of vehicle 3 (VT1) + vehicle 1 (VT2) + vehicle 6 (VT3) = 10, then the player will receive a win amount of $ 100x 12.5 = 1,250.

  • Over / Under

17 to 27 is the sum of Over’s score in this bet category.

Between 6 and 16 is Under’s total score in this category.

The odds offered by Gogbetsg are 1: 1.95

Example: Player bet Under is total with $ 100 stake

If Gogbetsg gives a total score of vehicle 1 (VT1) + vehicle 3 (VT2) + vehicle 10 (VT3) = 13, then the player will receive a win amount of $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195.

  •  Odd / Even

Odd’s total score is: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26

The Even score is: 7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27

Odds are 1: 1.95

Example: The player who bets Odd is the total with the stake of $ 100. If Gogbetsg gives a total score of car 2 (V2T1) + car 5 (VT2) + car 3 (VT3) = 10 (of the total Odd), you will get $ 100 x 1.95 = $ 195 in winnings.

How To Play Lottery PK10 At Online Bookmaker

Players only need to follow the following instructions to bet on PK10 lottery at Gogbetsg:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Gogbetsg bet account
  • Step 2: Select the game Pk10

In the “lottery” section of the Gogbetsg homepage’s toolbar, a player clicks on “lottery Pk10”. Next the player chooses the “bet limit”. Gogbetsg offers 3 levels for players to place bets on.

Level 1: 4 -4000

Level 2: 100 – 20,00

Level 3: 400 – 40,000

  • Step 3: Next, the player chooses the racetrack, Gogbetsg has 6 races for you to choose from.

Each racetrack has the same types of bets and bet types. Players can easily choose a bet that suits themselves.

  • Step 4: Place a bet

Next, players click on the box to place a bet and enter the amount of the bet. Finally is the confirmation of bet completion.

  • Step 5: The race begins

The race starts after the player completes the bet. Players only need to watch and wait for betting results within 5 minutes 20 seconds. Gogbetsg will settle the stake, then start a new bet.

Experience Of Playing PK10 At Online Bookmaker

Lottery Pk10 has a very simple game rule, if you want to experience and receive many attractive rewards you can visit Gogbetsg’s PK10 lottery. However, every game is the same, you want to bet and win, you must have experience in betting. Take a look at previous players’ betting experiences with Gogbetsg:

  • You must have an investigation and judgment about that race before deciding to place bets.
  • In a match you should bet 2 to 8 positions to have more chances of winning.
  • You have to manage your finances well, know when to book when to stop.
  • You should learn the law of the system from the results of the race.
  • Types of bets will have different characteristics and odds. You should find out what bet types have a chance of winning.
  • Take good control of yourself, Pk10 is a game of chance so bet if you are sure of your win and should only bet 70% of your capital.
  • Learn more of the strategies and tips of those who went before.


Above is all the most necessary information for the lottery Pk10 game at Gogbetsg. If you want a new experience and make money quickly you can try playing lottery Pk10. Gogbetsg will send necessary notifications about, the game through personal email. Do not miss any exciting opportunities at Gogbetsg!

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