TOTO Betting Kinds

 TOTO types of betting is also one of the best things to consider to learn if you want to play TOTO skillfully. Fortunately, we are here to offer some information about the most popular TOTO betting kinds: Ordinary Entry, System Entry, System Roll and Quick Pick….Come check us at  for further information about Lottery.

Ordinary Entry

Choose six numbers from 1 to 49. 

You get the victory the Group 1 Prize, also considered as the Jackpot, on the off chance that all six selected numbers are the same as the Winning Numbers.

Kinds of wagerTotal Numbers SelectedNumber of Ordinary EntriesBet Amount

System Entry

Choose your bets within 12 numbers.

Selecting more numbers brings you more Ordinary Entries in one wager.

Kinds of wagerTotal Numbers SelectedNumber of Ordinary Entries​​Minimum Bet Amount
System 7 77$7
System 8 828$28
System 9984$84
System 1010210$210
System 1111462$462
System 1212924$924

System Roll

Put your wager on five numbers of your decision and one rolling number.

The rolling number, indicated by ‘R’, regards as all 44 numbers left.

Kinds of wagerTotal Numbers SelectedNumber of Ordinary EntriesMinimum Bet Amount
System Roll544$44

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Quick Pick

In case you don’t prepare any numbers in advance, you might need the Quick Pick selection.

The system will offer a random choice of several numbers for you.

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