4D Prize Structure

In case your selected numbers involved a minimum of three of the Winning Numbers, you got an award. Your prize value is up to the numbers of your selected numbers which are the same as the Winning Numbers. If you matched numbers are 6, you will be classified in Group 1( Jackpot) with the prize amount for 38% of prize pool (Minimum Guaranteed Amount of $1,000,000). It would be Group 2 if you got 5 winning numbers and an additional number with the Prize amount of 8% of prize pool.  Visit our Page GOGBETSG.com for further information about the TOTO and other interesting games updated daily. 

Prize Structure Groups

54% of sales in each draw will be added to the prize pool. The prize pool is for distribution of prizes which may be won for each draw.

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Allocation of prizes is as follows:

Prize GroupNumbers MatchedPrize Amount
Group 1 (Jackpot)  6 Winning Numbers38% of prize pool  (Minimum Guaranteed Amount of $1,000,000)
Group 25 Winning Numbers + Additional Number8% of prize pool
Group 35 Winning Numbers5.5% of prize pool
Group 44 Winning Numbers + Additional Number3% of prize pool
Group 54 Winning Numbers$50
Group 63 Winning Numbers + Additional Number$25
Group 73 Winning Numbers$10

Multiple winners

If the result announces more than one lucky player for Groups 1 to 4, the award will be separated fairly for every winner of the specific Group. The award value for Groups 5 to 7 is stable.

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The award value of snowballs if no winner in Group 1, 2, 3 or 4 was found i.e. that amount will be included to the award value in the same Group of the next Draw.

The Group 1 award value will snowball only until the fourth draw.

Award value for Group 2, 3, and 4 will snowball until it is reached.


A cascade draw is held after three continuous draws with no a Group 1 Prize winner.

The limit of snowball for the Jackpot can not exceed the fourth continuous draw. If no Group 1 Prize winner at the end of four continuous draws was found, the final jackpot value (38% of the fourth draw’s prize pool plus the snowballed amount from the three preceding draws) cascades, i.e. it means the prize will be awarded to the next prize group according to the winner(s) or divided fairly.

Prize GroupAny Winner?     
Group 1 (Jackpot)NoNoNoNoNoNo
Group 2YesNoNoNoNoNo
Group 3YesNoNoNoNo
Group 4YesNoNoNo
Group 5YesNoNo
Group 6YesNo
Group 7Yes
Outcome of JackpotShared equally among Group 2 WinnersShared equally among Group 3 WinnersShared equally among Group 4 WinnersShared equally among Group 5 WinnersShared equally among Group 6 WinnersShared equally among Group 7 Winners

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