Mahjong –  The China’s  National Game

Mahjong game just appeared on the online gambling game market and quickly became popular in many online casinos. Like other online table games, Mahjong online is now available on Gogbetsg’s online betting system and you are free to experience this unique game.

Singapore Mahjong Online

What Is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a famous gambling game and invented in China. According to the Cantonese transcription, it means “sparrow”. So this game has a sparrow symbol on the first tiles.

According to some documents, this game comes from the aristocracy of Shanghai in the 1850s to 1870. At first it was played on paper, then over time it was made of material. hard as it is today.

Today, executives often organize many Mahjong tournaments in online casinos Singapore and online casino in the world with huge prizes. It can be said Mahjong is one of the games that brings a unique, classical and Chinese-style experience. If you are a fan of a game originating from China, then this is definitely a good choice for you.

The following article will help you understand the history, how to play and some rules of Mahjong. You will be able to find valuable information about this betting game and the opportunity to receive great prizes when playing Mahjong.

Mahjong’s History

Mahjong is a game with a long history, dating back hundreds of years. However, each version of Mahjong has a different origin. Although there are many opinions about the history of Mahjong as well as the launch time, most players in the world said that Mahjong started from the early years of the 19th century and began to develop in the 20th century.

Some players believe that the true origin of this game was the invention of the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius or some rumors that the game originated from the time of Noah from the Bible.Because there are so many opinions about the true Mahjong’s origin, experts say there is no evidence and no indication of who is the author of this game.

How To Play Mahjong Game

The gameplay of Mahjong is quite complicated because the number of tiles is large and the gameplay is different from other games. Mahjong does not use a 52 card like baccarat or blackjack. If players want to participate in Mahjong please follow the content below with Gogbetsg.

Basic Mahjong Rules

Mahjong has a maximum of 4 players per hand. At the beginning of the game, players roll dice and then draw the East – West – South – North tiles to determine the positions of the remaining players. Whoever hits first sits east. The players will then play clockwise in an East-West-South-North order. If the round ends, it will be called Wind.

Dealer will sit in the East and will also be the first to play. Before the start of a hand players rub the tiles and face up the evenly spread tiles. Next, each player will arrange 40 tiles into 20 pairs and erected in front of them like a wall so that the remaining players cannot see.

Once the tiles are placed, Dealer will begin to roll the dice to know the position of the tiles. Dealer to the other players’ order was 2 pairs, 2 pairs, 2 pairs, 2 pairs and 1 tile. The total number of pieces is 13. However the dealer has to add 1 extra tile because it is the one who hits first. In case the dealer always takes 2 consecutive pieces, 1 piece is considered leapfrogging.

Clockwise, after the dealer finishes the tiles go to the rest of the players. Note that players can only take 13 tiles. The player should fold the tiles so that the right hand is used for normal tiles and the left hand is for hand draw when there are frames or flowers.

In simple terms, when participating in playing Mahjong, the dealer will have 14 tiles and the remaining players are 13. A game of Mahjong is considered over when someone is buzzing or running out of tiles to draw.

These tiles are divided into 4 hands, one side consists of 1 pair with 3 tiles.

  • Pong, Pung: There are 3 of the same tiles.
  • Chow, Cheung: are tiles arranged in a certain order
  • Tai Phao is a combination of Pheas. Once a Spoon is created, it cannot be eaten.
  • Kong: is when you have three tiles, then you can pick or take the tiles of other players.

In general, all Mahjong versions have the same concepts including: 14 boxes, made up of 4 sets and 1 pair; the pair is made up of 2 identical tiles called Pung; Chow is a trio made up of 3 consecutive tiles of the same suit.

Mahjong basically has 4 players, however some versions can play 3 people. In a Mahjong game set, 4 players will use 136 tiles. including 36 circles, 36 bamboos and 36 characters. Each suit, players will have the numbers from 1 to 9. In addition, there are 12 dragon tiles and 16 wind tiles on the top. In some versions, the set also has 4 season tiles and 4 flower tiles.

How To Calculated Money When Playing Mahjong

Besides the point of judgment, one thing that players care about when playing Mahjong is how money is calculated. Because this is a real money online gambling game available in many online casinos.

If the scoring unit in this game is Phan, the money in Mahjong is called Sorrow. These are coins made of plastic with different colors and values. After the game is over, players can exchange Melancholy for real money. This helps to avoid being exposed when gambling. Below is a breakdown of the calculation specified in the hand.

  • Depending on the rules of the table, the Fan is awarded. In a game, how many Fan are counted, the points will be calculated. Then from the point of calculating the money according to the rules of the table, for example, 1 point is 1,000 or 10,000. This money can be paid with Melancholy first, then converted to real money.
  • The player who can pick up the buzzing will have to detain the other three players.
  • The player who hits the buzzing of another person must detain and detain the children of the other two players.
  • In case the player draws the wrong tiles at the wrong place to take the tiles, the buzzing will be punished. However, you must continue playing until the game is over.
  • In case of miscalculating or mistaking the tiles, money must be paid to the players at the table. Mistakes are usually fined between 32 and 64 points and the fined person must share the money with other players.

Some Mahjong Experience At Online Casino

Mahjong is currently very popular among many players. This game wants not only luck but also depends on the element of chance. Along with that is the experience that each player has learned in previous games.

Remember all the tiles and the Mahjong rules:

  • It is imperative that the player remember all aspects of the mahjong tile and understand the whole rules of the game. The game has too many different rules for players to learn, how to play tiles, how to play tiles and also calculate points.
  • Never stop learning from experienced players

Want to improve the ability to play tiles, players are forced to learn from those who have previous experience. Besides, you should join the Mahjong group to exchange and consolidate your knowledge.

When playing online mahjong, players will encounter tough greats. This will help them improve their gambling and thinking during the game.

  • Know how to fold and play tiles strategically

An equally important factor is the deck and the order in which the tiles are played. Players must know how to match the tiles to quickly reach the most victory. At the same time, play tiles so that the opponent cannot walk.

Mahjong Online At Gogbetsg

Like other table games, Mahjong is available at Gogbetsg. Mahjong fans will surely enjoy this unique game at reputable online casinos Singapore like Gogbetsg or other casinos around the world.

Gogbetsg offer some different versions for players. In it, players can find themselves a most popular version based on the solitaire-based version. In addition, you can also try the slot-based version by playing Mahjong like normal slot machines. Each spin slot round, you will get a new group and you will get different prizes when there are different combinations.

Playing Mahjong online is one of the logical and great solutions for players who cannot find a true Mahjong table. By finding 4 like-minded players to experience Mahjong is not easy. Therefore, some online casinos host Mahjong tournaments to bring players live tournaments with every player in the world.

At online casinos, you have a lot of options to suit all ages and players’ styles. So don’t be shy and visit prestigious casinos and play Mahjong now!


Above is the useful information about Mahjong that we provide to you. Hopefully, the knowledge of the history, how to play and the versions at online casinos will help you be able to win attractive prizes. If you want to play Mahjong online, choose for yourself a prestigious casino like Gogbetsg to receive the best deals and services.

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