What is Malay Odds ? Examples of Malaysian Odds

Malaysian Odds is a term very familiar to many online football betting players. According to recent statistics up to 30% of the players who bet use the Malaysia Odds. Here is information about Malay Odds, Gogbetsg.com wants to share with players. There are also a few Malaysian Odds betting experiences.

Malay Odds

What Is Malay Odds?

Malay Odds is calculated in units of 1.00, Bookmakers will offer two odds: negative and positive. Based on these two parameters Bookmakers will calculate the bonus when placing bets on players.

There are two basic types of odds in Malay odds

  • Positive odds: this is the odds that will show the bonus amount when you win the bet, if you lose, you lose in full.
  • Negative odds: this is the odds indicating the amount you lose, if you win, you will win in full.

Formula Of Malay Odds Bet

Similar to other types of odds such as Asian Handicap betting, 1×2 betting, over / under, … winnings and losses are calculated as follows:

  • Place a positive bet: If win: stake * positive odds + initial stake. If lose will lose enough money.
  • Place on Negative Bets: If you win, you will eat enough money. If you lose: stake * odds negative .

Examples of Malaysian Odds

Example : Italy and Germany

  • Italy: 0.92
  • Germany: -0.99

Players bet positively on Italy $ 100. If you win, your winnings are calculated: $ 100 * 0.92 + $ 100 (stake) = $ 192. If you lose, you will lose $ 100 in full.

Player bet negative on Germany $ 100, if you lose, your loss will be calculated: $ 100 * (- 0.99) = $ 99. In the event the player wins the bet, the player will eat the full $ 100.

Today almost of bookmakers offer Malay odds. If you interested with Malaysian Odds, you can register account at CMD368, King855, Ibcbet bookmakers to have experience this betting.

Experience Of Playing Malay Odds At Online Bookmaker

Regardless of any kind of odd, a player must learn carefully how to play, how to place a bet as well as basic information about that bet type. In addition, players should learn more from experienced players. Once they understand the nature of each type of bet, players can increase their chances of winning and make many right decisions.

  • Select reputable bookmakers

First, players need to find a reputable and reliable bookmaker. The reputable Bookmaker offers security when it comes to trading, providing players with the best betting service.

The reputable Bookmaker will have accurate odd identification. From there the player can make the most accurate choices and decisions possible.

One of the bookmakers the player can refer to for betting is Gogbetsg. Gogbetsg guarantees to give players the best experience possible. Any match at home or abroad is fully provided by Gogbetsg.

  • Do not be on Malaysian odd that display negative odds too high

If the matches have negative odds of -0.75 or higher then it is very easy to lose. Therefore, players should only choose to bet on the handicap with odds from -0.8 to -0.95.

  • Find out what the matches have been.

Players should review the results of previous matches to learn from experience for the next matches. Finding out the results of the previous match, calculating and comparing helps the player to draw the highest probability of winning.

  • Regularly update the table odds at the bookmaker.

Don’t forget to follow the rate sheet at Gogbetsg. Gogbetsg regularly updates the fluctuations and gives the most accurate judgment about the bet. 


Above are basic information about Malaysian odds along with some betting experiences. Hope this information will help players have more motivation to bet and win. Gogbetsg.com wishes you luck!