Nimes vs Angers – 24/01/2019 Football Betting Tips

Nimes and Angers both aspire to get 3 points, but can see that with the current bad situation, it is difficult for homeowners to realize this goal. Not even except the ability to hand-free at home.

Nimes vs Angers - 24/01/2019 Football Betting Tips1

Asian Handicap : 2.05*0.5*1.85:

Even in the first season back to Ligue 1, Nimes showed that they are very unpredictable opponents. Although the competition is not too impressive, but Bernard Blaquart teachers and students still often get victories, they not only create a safe distance with the red light group but even the opportunity to step into the top 5 is still very wide open when The distance is only 5 points and there is still 1 match left. In less than 2 weeks, Nimes was kicked out of both the National Cup and the League Cup, while in Ligue 1, the team from the top spot is now on the 26th spot.

Angers is currently only 5 points ahead of the red light group, so they need to play more solidly for the remainder of the tournament.

In fact, the coach of Stephane Moulin has played very badly in the past, their last victory was more than 2 months ago and without improvements in the current situation, joining the last group The table is only a matter of time.

Angers is not a team that knows how to maintain stability, but also knows how to show a grudge with only 2 failures in the last 9 games.

The last 7 away games they have lost only 2. This team lost bitterly 4-3 to Nimes himself in the first leg in August, so they knew how to at least get a point out of this match.

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Nimes vs Angers - 24/01/2019 Football Betting Tips2

Odds Over/Under : 1.84*2-2.5*2.03:

Angers felt successful with how the defensive kick brought in three points in the previous match, so they would continue to use this approach to deal with Nimes. Angers has the right to fight because of a 0-0 draw, the less chance the match is, the slower the speed, the better for them.

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Nimes vs Angers - 24/01/2019 Football Betting Tips3

First half odds bet : 2.16*0-0.5*1.73:

Only one of Angers’ last 9 matches has more than 2.5 goals scored. Nimes’s last 2 matches ended 1-0

Nimes’s attack is not enough to soon rise in the first half. They will have to pity on plans to search for unfinished goals. Of course, Angers was pleased with the score 0-0.

Predicting Lineups:

Nimes:  Paul Bernardoni, Faitout Maouassa, Loick Landre, Anthony Briancon, Gaetan Paquiez, Renaud Ripart, Teji Savanier, Jordan Ferri, Sada Thioub, Rachid Alioui, Umut Bozok.

Angers: Ludovic Butelle, Vincent Manceau, Romain Thomas, Mateo Pavlovic, Abdoulaye Bamba, Thomas Mangani, Santamaria Baptiste, Cheikh Ndoye, Flavien Tait, Stephane Bahoken, Jeff Reine Adelaide

Prediction Full Time :Nimes 0-1 Angers (Angers and Under)

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