Online Dragon – Tiger Tips: Top 5 Effective Tips You Cannot Miss

The list of live casino betting games at online casinos is full of attractive games such as Baccarat online, Blackjack Game, Poker, Roulette, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, etc. Besides other attractive games, Dragon Tiger is one of the games that attracts many players at both traditional casinos and online casinos. With attractive prizes and prizes, if you’re lucky, you can earn 10 or even 100 times your capital.

This game has only two bet types: Dragon and Tiger, and Tie is hard to win. So it seems that the win rate in this game is in the safe area of about 50%. You will be easier to win when equipped with the tips listed below. Let’s learn more with GogbetSG !

This game has only two bet types: Dragon and Tiger, and Tie is hard to win.

Improve The Win Rate By Placing A Bet

The betting ways are one of the most effective ways to increase your winnings. Because Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, a reasonable bet can greatly increase the odds of winning.

You can bet on the ratio of capital 1:2:4:8 or 1:3:6:9. With an extremely attractive winning rate, it is an extremely effective method of making money. You can pay attention to divide your capital into equal parts to earn bonuses!

Make A Small Bet To Refer To The Game

Before starting any game, you should spend some money to bet. It is best to play the lowest bet available at the dealer. This action will give you control of the game, have a chance to better understand the features and try out the tips you’ve learned. Moreover, you can also earn daily bonuses easily.

Or simply, to not lose capital you can open a few tabs with different play rooms. If you encounter any of the rooms where the bets are easy to play, play now. Because it will be a safe room for you to earn bonuses.

Always Have Strategies Before Playing

Learn the strategies, outline the tactics before playing is one of the necessary conditions for your entertainment in Dragon Tiger online. No matter how accurate the trick to play Dragon Tiger online, there is always a potential risk. Then the tactics will be the way you control the game much easier.

You can take a moment to look at the betting history, find out the numbers that frequently appear. From there select numbers and bet has a higher win rate. Although it is not entirely true in all cases. But with just a little luck, you can earn huge benefits.

Bet The Strings In Dragon Tiger Online

After outlining the strategy, you should bet strings with the betting history just recorded, refer to earlier. You can bet on the line with a higher winning rate. Because the result of this game is not a Dragon, a Tiger, very few Tie, you can safely bet.

Finding a high sequence is not easy. Therefore you must monitor and research carefully. In case of unsuccessful examination, the bet sequence breaks. Stop now, watch and find new strings to avoid losing bets. 

Hone Your Ability To Judge The Results

Quick judgment and good observation are some of the tips to play Dragon Tiger online relatively effectively. So you should judge, find out the rules of the game. As well as predicting the direction to play the next turn.

For example, with the first round of Dragon winning with a card J, Q, K, you can record the results with the Tiger. If the Tiger loses with 3, 6 rounds then the Dragon wins. Then you should pay attention in the next turns. Whenever the Dragon wins against the Tiger with similar results, the next game you should bet on the Dragon.

Tips To Play Dragon Tiger Can Help You Conquer Victory

In fact, tips to play Dragon Tiger online can only help you increase your chances of winning. Because of:

The Results of The Dragon Tiger Are Mainly Due To Chance

More or less, the outcome of this game depends largely on luck. That means you cannot know the outcome of the Dragon Tiger. Predictions are just a method of increasing your winnings, not making you sure you can win.

If The Trick Can Reach 100% Win, The House Edge Will Suffer A Loss.

Do you know why the house still operates stably today? Because they can still make money from players. So just like the lottery, playing Dragon Tiger also has great risks.

Either way, the risk is always waiting for the player to entertain at the house. Therefore, you should control the capital appropriately, bet just right. Only then will the risk decrease, you will be able to make big gains from the house edge.

FAQ Dragon Tiger online

Before you play for real money betting, learn all about the basics of this game. Here are a few frequently asked questions at Dragon Tiger online:

Where Does The Dragon Tiger Come?

Dragon Tiger is one of the few betting games originating in Cambodia. Thanks to the simple gameplay this game quickly spread throughout the world. Gradually becoming indispensable choices of betting people.

Is Winning Dragon Tiger Difficult?

Dragon Tiger has a 50% win rate. So this game is really one of the easiest options to make money at the house. It’s easy to play, easy to hit like other live casino games like Baccarat, Sicbo.

How To Deposit To Play Dragon Tiger Online?

Deposit is the first issue you should consider when betting online. Play Dragon Tiger too, you need to deposit your amount to get the winnings. There are many payment methods that you can choose. Depending on the house edge, you can choose a reasonable payment method that the house gives you. Deposit process will be completed quickly, safely and confidentially.

Does It Quickly Withdraw Money From Dragon Tiger?

If you want to withdraw quickly, first you have to choose a reputable house edge. On the market there are many house edges worth choosing. With the commitment to withdraw money within 5 – 30 minutes, you will quickly have money on hand than betting at real casinos anymore.

How To Get The Most Stakes When Playing Dragon Tiger?

If you want to have lots of bets, first go to an online house edge. Then choose a great deal to make money. So making money is easy when you decide to entertain the house edge online. The incentives can give you a lot of capital up to what you spend.

Is Betting At The House Edge Risky?

The risk here seems to be that many players mention losing money, not withdrawing money or even fraudulent assets. Of course, it’s hard to say that all house edges are reputable, there are many websites set up for fraud. So as a player, you should be careful of all these sophisticated scams!

Although Dragon Tiger online is not the only betting game at the house edge. But what it has achieved over the past time is commendable. It is becoming one of the games to choose, earn the best bonuses when you entertain the house. So when you want to make money from this game, why not try these useful experiences today?


Dragon Tiger online is always the concern of many players. According to the statistics of Letou Casino, these useful experiences will definitely help you understand somewhat about the play styles, the ability to make money that this game brings.

Especially do not forget to apply tips to play Dragon Tiger online! It can be of great help in increasing your winnings and earning bonuses! Good luck!

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