Pachinko Game

If you have ever been to Japan, you will surely encounter a lot of Pachinko machines. This is a popular bet that appears on all the roads in Japan. According to statistics, each year Japan costs about 2 billion dollars to open and maintain Pachinko bookstores. This is indeed a small number, up to 30 times the amount that Las Vegas casinos earn.

Not stopping there, this game also spread to many neighboring countries. Pachinko online version was born, meeting the needs of many players around the world. So what is this game actually and what makes it so attractive? Let us follow Gogbetsg and clarify the information.

History Of The Game Pachinko

In 1930 the game Pachinko was invented in Japan. This game is based on another game that existed in America called Corinth. Specifically, in 1920 Corinth was introduced to Japan and received a lot of support from the players. Immediately all over the country of Japan popularized this game and changed according to the preferences here. Then the game was called Pachinko.

Pachinko first appeared in Nagoya Japan. Then the game spread to many other cities. It is now considered a national game and can be found anywhere in Japan.

Since this game will emit a Pachi Pachi sound when participating, the player calls it Pachinko. Immediately after appearing in Japan, Pachinko became famous immediately. Until World War II started, the Japanese government banned the game from circulation.

At that time the government needed a large amount of metal to polish for military purposes. Pachinko was checked and was an outlaw game. Until the end of the war, Pachinko returned to his fans all over the country. Originally a wooden machine and flashing lights with the familiar Pachi sound, the game is now available online. The casinos add many new features, and add-ons for players. So Pachinko is more and more developed and received much more than before.

Instructions On How To Play Pachinko

It can be said that Pachinko is a simple ball shooting machine. The game has a contribution of vertical boards. On the board includes a launch pad activated by a crown. This is a place where players can show off their skills when participating. A good player must know how to grasp and decide the difficulty and speed of fire on the board from the button. In the center of the board will be a small hole, the main board is filled with pins.

When participating in Pachinko, players need to buy an amount of balls to participate. Each ball is worth about 500 yen. Then the player chooses the Pachinko machine according to their preferences and starts playing. Depending on the machine that the player chooses, the value will be different. Games large and small will have options suitable for each player’s area.

Is Pachinko Betting Legal?

In Japan most forms of gambling are prohibited. However, only Pachinko is accepted. Pachinko-loving players have found a way to make it possible to overcome all gambling limitations.

Each Pachinko ball will be of different value, big and small. When the player collects as many balls will receive the corresponding ticket number. Next, players use the received tickets to the shops usually located nearby to withdraw cash or prizes in tickets. The process of playing Pachinko and receiving rewards is separate, located in two different places, creating a gap for Pachinko stores to continue operating. In addition, the money from Pachinko’s tax revenue also contributes to help the game escape from the gambling regulations.

Play Pachinko Betting Online

The Pachinko game comes with time evolving and appears in many online casinos. In Singapore, many online casinos offer games for healthy entertainment. This game really gives players a lot of excitement.

Pachinko has many versions available to play. The most popular at online casinos is the single most popular button to spin. When started, the game will roll 100 consecutive balls respectively. Depending on the position where the ball falls, the player will receive the corresponding amount of coins. Pachinko is indeed the right game for most players, simple, easy to participate regardless of age.


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